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ExactMats Crystal Clear Vinyl Car and Truck Protective Mats Keep your OEM carpet and rubber mats safe.Crystal Clear Vinyl Protective Car and Truck Floor Mats from ExactMats.

What do you need to know about car floor mats? Or do you have an SUV, van or pickup that needs new floor mats? Maybe your golf cart or food truck? Whatever vehicle you need to acquire new mats for, and whatever the reason (old mats are beat up and gungy, car interior needs improvement, logo mats are just really cool, or whatever ...) I'm happy you asked the questions. You need to know what car mats are made of, how they are constructed, who manufactures car mats and what kind of different mats each manufacturer offers. And you need to know this stuff before you decide which set of mats to buy. So here's the info you need broken into two parts. The first section deals with how car mats are constructed while the second part is a listing of car floor mats by manufacturer with a link to detail pages for each car mat manufacturer.

In addition, a single page of Miscellaneous Car Mat Manufacturers is provided for those manufacturers/distributors(mfg/dist) who provide insufficient information to justify an entire webpage. In some cases the mfg/dist doesn't sell retail to the public, only sells through authorized distributors or sells directly to the OEM. If you know of a mfg/dist of car floor mats that should be included on this site please contact us with the appropriate information.

How Car Floor Mats are Made

There are 6 basic categories of car floor mats. Each has its own strength and weakness. Choose a mat which matches the weather you experience, your family requirements, and your personal sense of style and decor. These categories include rubber car floor mats, carpeted car mats, custom car mats, clear car mats, luxury car mats and universal absorbent car mats.

Rubber Car Floor Mats are typically molded from a high quality rubber or rubberized material and have raised edges to contain water and dirt. A PVC car mat is another example of a rubber-like car mat product. They may be available in Black, Grey, Tan or Clear depending on manufacturer. Most are UV and stain resistant. Cleanup is quick with a damp cloth or hose but usually requires removal from the vehicle. This type of mat is great for kids and wet/muddy/dirty conditions but doesn’t effectively trap dust, so it’s not the best mat for use in very dry environments. Beware of water getting under the mat as the carpet may smell/rot. You can find these mats in both universal, semi-custom and custom fit varieties.

Carpeted Car Mats are widely used in the automotive industry by car mat manufacturers to meet the consumers desire for a luxury mat. A floor mat made of carpet can exactly match the existing carpet in your car or create a contrast, i.e., pink car mats on a purple carpet. Carpeted car floor mats are typically constructed of a yarn (polypropylene, nylon or other

Tan Rubber Hexomat Car Mat from Intro-Tech
Berber Carpeted Car Mat from Lloyd Mats

synthetic yarn) woven into a carpet. Quality depends on how thick/plush the carpet is, how high the pile is, the weave and the yarn material. The carpet may then be bonded to multiple layers of vinyl, rubberized materials, polypropylene mesh, acrylic or other materials to enhance its look and feel.

Custom Car Mats are unique and diverse in their manufacture. They may be made of carpet, rubber or a clear material and are designed to be exact or better replacements for your vehicle's existing mats. They are designed to surpass your car manufacturers specifications and to exceed your expectations. So, I consider them a unique form of car floor mat. This type of mat is available in an incredibly wide range of materials, colors and designs. So they are found in the product lines of many companies who manufacturer and/or distribute aftermarket, high quality designer quality car floor mats. Usually they are stain resistant with the rubber mats being simpler and easier to clean than the carpeted mats. They all require removal from the vehicle to do a good clean job. The nice thing about this type of mat is that it gives you two big choices. Carpeting which absorbs some of the water/mud/dust and doesn’t deposit it on your shoes like a rubber mat does. Or Rubber which doesn't stain as easy, is more resistant to chemicals (gas, oil, gunk) and is easier to clean.  As with rubber, beware of water getting under the mat as the carpet may smell/rot.

OK, more mat info coming up, but first - sometimes the hard part of making a decision about a new set of floor mats is in not knowing whether the new mats will fit or look nice or live up to your expectations. So amongst all the car and vehicle accessory websites I’ve visited the most complete line of car mats and reviews may be found on AutoAnyThingDotCom, AmazonDotCom and EbayDotCom. Most of the car and truck floor mats referenced on this page may be found at one of these sites. So just navigate to your fav car products website, find the product you are interested in and read the reviews. It usually helps me in my decision making process to see what others like or dislike about the product I’m interested in - I hope it helps you too.

Remember, this site also has a Buyers Guide for Logo Floor Mats. A lot of the vendors who sell logo car  and truck mats also sell the standard type of rubber and carpeted mats. And help me out! If you find sites with great reviews please share the info with me and other readers of this site by filling out a contact sheet with the appropriate info.

Ok, time to continue with Clear Mats ...

Clear Car Mats are usually cut and precisely shaped from sheets of vinyl to the original mat specifications of your vehicle. They are used primarily to protect your cars carpeting and floor mats from wear and tear while still allowing the original carpet/mats to be visible. The clarity, thickness and feel of the vinyl are important considerations when choosing this type of mat. Cleanup is similar to rubber car mats. The vinyl mat doesn’t absorb water/mud and usually doesn’t have raised edges, so beware of water and mud getting under the mat as the carpet may smell/rot.

Luxury Car Mats
This category includes a diverse array of car mats. Luxury Car Mats are typically highly customized versions of expensive carpeted, sheepskin or leather car mats, but may also include such mat materials as coco, sisal, wool and sea grass. Custom logos and embroidery are commonplace in this category.

Universal Absorbent Car Floor Mats are constructed of a layer of highly absorbent polyethylene covered by cotton or other cloth. This type of mat is lightweight and is used to protect the carpeting and mats already in your car by absorbing excess water, gas, oil and dirt that you bring into the car on your shoes. Cleanup is simple – wash in the washer and dry in the dryer. This type of mat limits the amount of moisture and dirt that penetrates into your vehicles carpeting, helping to prevent a soggy carpet and bad smells. It reinforces your efforts to keep your car clean.

Universal absorbent car truck floor mat protector

Manufacturers of Car Floor Mats

Below is a list, with a short description of the types of car floor mats or model names of the manufacturers products. In some cases there is insufficient information to justify the allocation of an entire webpage for a manufacturer. Our Miscellaneous Car Mat Manufacturers page attempts to list some of these manufacturers of which we have limited information.

Many manufacturers of car floor mats also manufacture seat covers, car covers and other automotive accessories. I've listed the car mat manufacturers I am aware of below. If you know of other companies in the business, help us all out and use the Contact Us button on this page to let me know.

Auto Custom Carpets Inc
- Mfg of car floor mats, pickup truck floor mats
- Mfg of replacement carpeting for most vehicles made since mid 1940's

Avery's Car Mats
- Mfg of car floor mats, pickup truck floor mats
- Carpeted mats, logo and embroidered mats, berber, stain resistant
- Models include; Luxury Touring, Select Touring, Grand Touring,
  Touring, Luxury Sport

Bespoke Auto Mats
- Mfg of custom leather car mats
- Models in 5 different styles

Cannon Automotive Ltd
- Mfg of car floor mats, pickup truck floor mats, commercial truck mats
- Rubber floor mats for many American, European and Asian vehicles
- Models include; Profile III, 4x4, Tradesman 4x4, Boot Protector

- Mfg of car floor mats, car covers, cargo liners, canine cargo liners
- Models include; Berber and Super Plush

- Mfg of car floor mats, pickup truck floor mats
- Mfg of car/vehicle cover and seat covers
- Carpeted mats, clear vinyl mats

- Mfg of synthetic sisal car mats
- Mfg of natural sisal, wool and coco car mats
- Mfg of unusual weave and color car mats

DeeZee Inc
- Mfg of car floor mats, pickup truck floor mats
- Rubber car and truck floor mats

Designer Mat International
- Mfg of coco, sisal, berber car mats
- Mfg of oriental, safari themed car mats
- Mfg of 114 ounce carpet weight car mats

Ebco Inc
- Mfg of custom molded rubber mats

ExactMats Inc
- Mfg of clear vinyl floor mats for cars, trucks, SUVs and minivans

Fan Mats LLC (Millennium Mat Company)
- Mfg of custom printed and licensed logo car floor mats
- Chromojet color collegiate, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and military mats

G.G. Bailey LLC (Racemark International)
- Mfg of luxury carpeted car floor mats
- Models include; Car Couture and Design Your Mats
- Ultra plush 50 oz and 72 oz carpet, custom colors and designs

Global Accessories (Covercraft Inc)
- Mfg of car floor mats
- Carpeted mats, universal fit and custom cut/fit
- Logos and monograms available on both custom fit and universal mats

Highland USA
- Mfg of car and pickup truck floor mats
- Semi custom fit rubber mats

Husky Liners (Winfield Consumer Products)
- Mfg of car and pickup truck floor mats
- Custom fit rubberized floor liners
- Custom fit durable thermpoplastic heavy duty floor mats

Inpelle Leather
- Mfg of custom leather car mats
- Italian manufacturer

Intro-Tech Automotive
- Mfg of car, pickup, SUV and van floor mats and covers
- Hexomat, Clear Vinyl, carpeted, rubber, berber, coco, sisal,
  leather mats
- Models include; Hexomat, Protect-a-Mat, Diamond Plate, Designer,
  Super Plushmat, Berber, Coco, Sisal, Oriental, Safari, Fashion,
  Leather, Rhino, Spaghetti

Kraco Enterprises
- Mfg of floor mats and seat covers for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs
- Rubber, carpeted and rubber/carpeted mats
- Models include; Premium, Eco-Essential, Mossy Oak, Goodyear
- Auto Expressions line of Logo Floor Mats and Seat Covers

Lloyd Mats
- Mfg of floor mats for cars and trucks
- Rubber, clear vinyl and rubber mats. Logos and Embroidery
- Models include; Luxe, Ultimat, Heavy Plush, Velourtex,
   Rubbertite, Protector

Lund International
- Mfg of floor liners for cars, pickups, vans and SUVs
- Rubber and carpeted floor liners
- Models include; Catch-It, Catch-All, Catch-All Extreme

Martinson Nicholls Inc.
- Mfg of heated car mats
- Reversible mat, carpet on one side, rubber on other side
- This Product is no Longer Available 10/8/2014.

Matworks Ltd
- Mfg of floor mats for cars, boats, RVs, trucks
  vans, SUVs
- Custom fit carpeted mats

Michelin (Remington Industries)
- Mfg of TPE injected floorliners for
  light trucks and SUVs
- Mfg of Heavy Duty Rubber Car Floor Mats

Natural Auto Products
- Mfg of Coco and Sisal fiber car mats
- Mfg of Sea Grass and Wool fiber car mats
- Mfg of Chequer and Furstil Car mats

Newark Auto Products
- Mfg of replacement rubber and carpet flooring
  for vehicles 1948+
- Mfg of carpeted floor mats for Class 8 trucks
- Mfg of replacement carpeting for Class 8 trucks

Nifty (Lund International)
- Mfg of car floor mats, pickup truck floor mats
- Mfg of replacement carpeting for most vehicles
- Models include; Catch-It, Catch-All, Cargo Logic
  Catch-All Xtreme, Elite, Pro-Line

Official Car Mats (United Kingdom)
- Mfg of carpeted car floor mats
- Mfg of rubber car floor mats
- Mfg of Sports Branded car floor mats

Owens Products Inc
- Mfg of diamondplate aluminum floor mats for
  car and pickups
- This Product is no Longer Available 10/8/2014.

Plasticolor Inc
- Mfg of universal fit, logo floormats for cars,
  pickups, vans and SUVs
- Mfg of logo seat covers for cars, pickups,
  vans and SUVs

Pretty Products LLC
- Mfg of rubber/carpeted car mats for Honda,
  Subaru, Toyota and Hyundai
- Models include; Colony II, Edge,
  All Weather TPE
- Acoustic floor mats

Signature Products Group
- Distributor, designer and licensor of universal rubber car floor mats
  with outdoor themes like Mossy Oak, Browning and Ducks Unlimited
- Heavy Rubber Mats with laminated camo fabric

Superior Mats
- Mfg of custom carpeted floor mats for cars,
  pickups, vans and SUVs
- This Product is no Longer Available 10/8/2014.

Texcarmats (Ukraine)
- Mfg of custom carpeted car floor mats
- Mfg of custom rubber car mats
- Mfg of 3D MAXpider car floor mats

Tru-Fit Carpets
- Mfg of custom fit carpeted car mats
- Mfg of 3D car mats (car floor liners)
- Mfg vinyl floor covering for cars
- Mfg of insulating materials for car interior
- Mfg of vehicle hood bonnets

Viam Manufacturing Inc
- Mfg of rubber/carpeted car mats for Honda, Subaru, Toyota, Nissan,
  Mazda, Kia, Nummi, Ford, GMSPO, Costco, Chrysler, Mitsubishi
  and Suzuki
- Acoustic floor mats, all weather mats, trunk & cargo mats

WeatherTech (MacNeil Automotive Products Ltd)
- Mfg of all weather rubber floor mats and floor liners for car and trucks
- Models include; WeatherTech All-Weather and FloorLiner DigitalFit

Yes Essentials (Sage Automotive)
- Mfg of carpet and carpeted floor mats for cars, vans, pickups and SUVs
- carpeting is stain resistant, anti-microbial, antistatic

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