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ExactMats Clear Mats

ExactMats Clear Mats You Can See Through Them

ExactMats Clear Mats are the clear answer to your need for aesthetically pleasing protection for your existing car mats and your cars carpeting. The ExactMat is designed to perfectly fit over the top of your OEM car mat or be a replacement for it.

 If you use these mats as a protective cover for your oh so plush carpeted mats, make sure you order a set of ExactMats mat clamps for a nice tight grip, especially on front floor mats. These mats are made from 100% virgin vinyl and keep dirt, grease, stains, wear marks and all kinds of other gunk from spoiling the appearance of your vehicles interior. ExactMats are available for almost any vehicle to cover the front and rear floor pans, cargo area, trunk area, SUV rear floor areas and minivan floor spaces. To supplement the protection offered by the unbelievably beautiful, crystal clear ExactMats you know you want a set of universal absorbent car mat protectors will soak up additional spills, gas/oil  and other gunk that may find its' way between your car mats and the carpeting, or onto your shoes. The universal absorbent mat also helps reduce mold and mildew smells.

And if you don't want to spend a lotta bucks on floor mats, ExactMats will sell you a single mat. So you can begin your damage control effort immediately, even on a limited budget. Here's a lot more features of the ExactMats Clear Mats to help make your decision to buy a set crystal clear.

ExactMats Clear Mats - Additional Features

- made from crystal
  clear 80 mil
  virgin vinyl
- nibs on bottom of
  mat keep it from
- wipe clean with mild
  soap and water
- gator clips for extra
  gripping power
- exact fit for any
  make and model
- skid resistant pebble
  pattern on top of mat
- won't crack / deform
- won't tear or rip
- resists wear through
  from heel
- use with your vehicles existing anchor posts
- clear mats go with any interior color scheme
- Made in the USA

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