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A reader of Truck and Car Floor Mats Dot Com has told me about a simple car/truck mat that actually protects and enhances the job your car or truck floor mats do for you. If you want to skip my detailed description of these mats just go to the form at the end of this page. Ill send you more info as soon as it's available.

It's basically a piece of universal absorbent material (absorbs both water and petroleum based products ) sandwiched between two pieces of cotton or cotton polyester blend cloth. An image of your choice is placed on one side of the mat for decorative and/or personal statement purposes. Gator clips are optionally provided to attach this mat to your existing vehicle mats. I received a few samples to test and they performed admirably in all tasks but one. The mats sucked up water, moisture, spilled coffee and a lot of muddy gunk off my boots. They kept my rubber mats and my feet dry during the slushy times of winter and the rainy spring. These universal absorbent car and truck mats also did a great job keeping the musty odors out of my truck by preventing water buildup between my rubber mats and the trucks carpeting. Inside my wifes car the mats kept the expensive carpeted luxury mats from holding water and mud. Dirt, grime and waters on both rubber and carpeted mats was significantly reduced.

But the best thing about these mats was that I quickly removed the gator clips, removed the mats from the truck, shook them out on the grass and put them directly into the washing machine. WARNING: don't wash these mats with any other laundry items and use some extra detergent. I also used Hot Water. The mats get really dirty, gritty and grimy with all that action they see from your boots and high heels. The set of mats in the front seat of my truck have survived over 10 machine washes and are still functional albeit they are pretty faded and stained. I tried removing the stains with clorox but it didn't work. Washing removes the dirt and smells but not the stains. Oh well! At least all that gunk and grime isn't on my better halfs $80 apiece luxury carpeted car mats! And did I mention you can basically use them until them come apart?

Now the bad part. The cute little image that gets printed on the front ( I had a picture of my favorite car ) fades considerably after 3 or 4 washes. The mat still does its primary job but the image dulls and loses some color. The mat cover material still looks dirty after washing but the dirty colors are kind of faded too. Since the mats are really easy to remove, I just take them out of the truck whenever I'm transporting a VIP and put them back in when it's just me or friends and relatives in the truck. It's definitely worth this small effort to keep the truck cleaner. When new these mats are actually decorative, but that new look doesn't last for long in my truck.

There are some other uses for these mats. I saved a couple of the old dirty and faded ones and used them when I went fishing. I put the minnow bucket on top of the mat. Any fishy smelling slosh from the bucket was absorbed by the mat. Evidence of my fishing trip was quickly eliminated when I removed the mat from the truck and washed it. I also used the mat under a gas can whilst I was transferring some gas from one can to another. Again the mat absorbed the spillage and kept my driveway free of gas smell. Again, don't wash the mats, especially ones that have absorbed gas with any other laundry items. You don't want your undies smelling like gas, do you?

The company that makes these mats is only sampling them as of Sept 2016. But if you are interested fill out the form on this page and include your email. I'll email you with a link to the company's website as soon as it comes up. And of course, as soon as the website is up I'll put a link on this page.

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