Truck and Car Floor Mats

Custom Car Mats Fit for Royalty

Custom car mats come in 3 basic flavors; carpet, clear vinyl and rubber. To be considered “custom” or “custom fit” a car mat must be designed and manufactured to fit as good as or better than your original factory mats and match, to a high degree of accuracy, the floor pan of your vehicle. You should also be able to select from a palette of different colors, trim options and design.

Lloyd Mats Ultimat (on the left) and a Lundy (nifty) Catch All are great examples of custom car mats.Lloyd Mats Ultimat (on the left) and a Lundy (nifty) Catch All are great examples of custom car mats.

The manufacturers of car floor mats respond to this challenge using CAD (computer aided design), first used by Cover King over 20 years ago, to match shape and size of the custom car mat to the design/layout of your car. A wide array of rug yarns, rubbers/plastics, colors, computer based embroidery machines and other modern materials technologies give manufacturers the ability to duplicate or even exceed the functionality of your cars original floor mats. Typically a custom designed car or truck mat will not only fit the shape of your vehicle's floor pan but will also provide increased coverage.

With all these fancy capabilities manufacturers put out a dizzying array of different mats. Sometimes to make a decision about a new set of custom car mats all you want to know is whether the new mats will fit or look nice or live up to your expectations. So checkout some of the online vendors that sell these car mats. Our Car Mat Buyers Guide has plenty of vendors who have reviews of the various mats so you can get someone else's opinions other than mine. Many times there are hundreds or even thousands of customer reviews and opinions on sites like this. Read some of the reviews, make use of the ideas contained therein and then make your decision. I hope the product reviews help you. If you find sites with great reviews please share the info with me and other readers of this site by filling out a contact sheet with the appropriate info.

Custom Car Mats - Carpeted

Custom Carpeted Car Mats provide the best match with your cars original equipment floor mats. Manufacturers like CoverKing , Lloyd Mats , Yes Essentials , Avery's , Nifty and Intro-Tech each use thousands of different patterns to insure a perfectly fitting mat for your car. A wide range of colors helps you to properly accent your vehicles interior. These mats are typically stain resistant and have a non-slip rubber backing to prevent slippage. Water and dirt usually penetrate the carpet surface, protecting your shoes but requiring you to remove the mat from the car for cleaning. A Universal Absorbent Car Floor Mat can help prevent the buildup of water and dirt, and is easily removed for cleaning.

Universal absorbent car truck floor mat protector.

Custom Car Mats - Clear & Rubber

Custom clear car floor mats keep water and dirt from damaging your expensive carpeted mats and allow the colors, logos and embroidery to show through.

They use the same patterns as custom car mats made from carpet. They are usually nibbed on the back and textured on the front to prevent slippage. Intro-Tech , Lloyds , Hexomat and ExactMats use thousands of different patterns to insure a perfect fit for your car. Cleanup is easy with a damp rag. A Universal Absorbent Car Floor Mat can help prevent the buildup of water and dirt on the surface of the mat and prevent it from getting on your shoes.

Custom rubber floor mats are very popular due to their versatility and low price. They do a great job protecting your car from water and dirt. In addition they are usually impervious to gas, oil and anti-freeze. Things you may introduce to your car on your shoes!

Custom rubber floor mats from Lloyd Mats use round wells to trap water and dirt and are available in over 11,000 different patterns to provide an exact fit for your car. Weather Tech manufactures All-Weather Floor Mats with deeply sculpted channels to keep water and dirt away from your feet. They are available in customized patterns for most cars, but the rear floor mats must be trimmed for an exact fit. Cleanup is easy with a damp rag. Husky Floorliners makes its premium, semi custom fit, Husky Floor Mats rubber mat as a lower priced alternative to a totally custom rubber car floor mat. It's certainly worth looking at before you decide on a higher priced mat for your car, truck van or suv. Or choose a Universal Absorbent Car Floor Mat to help prevent the buildup of water and dirt on the surface of the mat and keep it from getting on your shoes.

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