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WeatherTech All Weather Car Floor Mats use Sculpted Channels to keep water, dirt, mud and other kinds of gunk off your shoes and the floor.

WeatherTech All Weather Floor Mats

WeatherTech All Weather Floor Mats from MacNeil Automotive Products have long been a favorite of auto enthusiasts who wanted the best in protection for their vehicles carpet from a Made in the USA Product.

This All Weather Floor Mat is manufactured from a proprietary resin that is odorless, rubberlike and comes in three colors; grey, black or tan. These mats won't curl, crack or harden even in very cold temps according to MacNeil Automotive. There are anti-skid ridges and nibs on the back of the All Weather Mat to prevent mat slippage. If your vehicle uses anchor posts to secure the front mat(s) you'll find that WeatherTech supports your existing anchor post configuration, in most cases. If your vehicle doesn't have anchor posts WTech provides their MatGrip floor anchor system to enhance your safety.

WeatherTech All Weather Floor Mats use existing car floor anchors and also provide the MatGrip floor anchor system.

The All Weather Floor Mat is designed to closely fit your your vehicles floor pan in many cases. However, not all vehicles will have an exact fit. You may have to trim the front, rear or both sets of mats to get the fit you want. When you go to buy these mats on the WTech website make sure they say CustomFit when you key in your vehicle info just to make sure you don't have to trim the front mats. But for the great protection you get from these mats against road salt, water, gas/oil, dirt and gunk, a little work on your part is a small price to pay even if you do have to do a little trimming.

WeatherTech All Weather Floor Mats use nibs on the back of the mat to prevent the mat from slipping on the floor.

There's a protective non-stick finish on these mats to make cleanup simple and quick. So you use water and a mild soap to clean the mat surfaces and remove dirt and other stuff. Don't use Armor All or cleaners like that or you'll be able to use your car mats as a skating rink for small mammals, i.e., Armor All will make your mats very slippery.

There's a 3 Year Warranty on these mats from WTech. But it seems like many of the online vendors have extended that warranty to 10 years, as that is what they advertise. In either case you get a good warranty.

WeatherTech All Vehicle Mat (AVM)

The All Vehicle Mat (AVM) is WeatherTechs contribution to the Universal Car and Truck Floor Mat genre. The unique design and shape of this mat makes it easy to trim to size and get you a great fit for a universal mat.

The AVM is made from a Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) that is odorless, non-toxic and stays pliable and soft even in very cold conditions. There's a tall outer ridge and a reservoir built into the mat to keep your tootsies clean and dry. There are nibs on the bottom to keep the mat from slipping or you can use WeatherTech's MatGrip floor anchor system. Black, grey and tan are the colors you can choose.

Front mats are 19" x 27" and can be trimmed down to 16" x 24".
Rear mats are 18.5" x 17" and can be trimmed to 16.5" x 15".

These mats are warranted for 3 years.

Some WeatherTech Product History

Here's some of the past product offerings from WeatherTech. As you can see the design, durability and beauty of the newer versions of the All Weather and AVM mats from WeatherTech kinda had their beginnings in these mats. One of the most notable differences is that WTech has evolved to using synthetics, like the TPE compound they use in the AVM, as opposed to using rubber.

So, here, check out the old WTech mats. I don't think you can buy them anymore, unless you can find a mat or two at one of the big on-line Auto parts retailers.

These all weather rubber mats have deeply sculpted channels designed to collect and trap water, dirt and gunk that you scrape off your shoes. An outer rim on these mats prevents liquids from escaping and soggifying your cars carpets. The old version of the WTech Classic Floor Mat weighed in at about 13 lbs. while the old version Classic Premium weighed in at about 16 lbs. Both were constructed of pliable virgin rubber that won’t crack, curl, or harden in below freezing temps. A protective non-stick finish made for an easy cleanup and prevented scuffing of your expensive dress shoes. 

WeatherTech Car mats. Car floor liners. Semi custom car floor mats.

Anti-slip ridges on the bottom of these mats prevent them from slipping on your vehicles carpet. Using a Universal Absorbent Floor Mat may be a good idea to help keep moisture and humidity levels down and to minimize the number of times you have to remove these mats (they are pretty heavy) from your vehicle to clean them. Otherwise I'd use the idea on the Clean Mats for Car & Truck page to do an almost professional cleaning job on your WeatherTech Mats

Most of these All Weather Floor Mats are designed to exactly fit the front floor but may need to be trimmed. The rear seat mats are chosen from 5 basic patterns and you trim the mats to match your tastes.

Attention !!!! Floorliners from WeatherTech provide increased coverage of your vehicles floor pan and seem to trap water, gunk and other nasty stuff better than a regular car floor mat.

They are a little harder to remove when it's time to clean them because they are bigger and slightly more rigid than regular car mats. They are an excellent alternative to standard truck or auto floor mats. This type of floor liner product usually covers more floor space than a regular car floor mat. So, if you have big feet or are always tromping around in a lot of mud and gunk and want to protect a little more of your cars floor, then the floor liner product from WTech is just what the doctor ordered for you.

Additional Features

- Holds up to 1.5 quarts of liquid without spillover
- Available in Grey, Black or Tan
- Sold in custom sizes just trim for an even better fit
- Just hose them off to clean them
- 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty
- Made in the North America

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