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Newark Auto Products

Newark Auto Products has been making automotive products for over 100 years! The company started out in 1907 refurbishing upholstery in horse drawn carriages. By the end of World War II the company had evolved into manufacturing replacement car floor coverings (both rubber and carpeted), seat covers, headliners and convertible tops.

Newark Carpet Kit for 1971 to 1976 Cadillac Coupe DeVille. Newark carpet kit for 1962 to 1967 MGB.

By the 1950's Newark Auto Products was one of the first suppliers of these products to J.C. Whitney and today you can find the company's products at places like J.C. Penneys, Sears, PepBoys, Trak Auto, Grand Auto and many more. Newark also provides custom contract cutting of narrow, wide or heavy products like carpet and canvas using their 66" wide cutting tables and 7" cutting knives. They even have hydraulic die cutters for materials that can't be cut with a vertical knife. If Newark can't fit a piece of carpet or rubber into your vehicle - no one can!

Newark also sells an interesting variety of accessories for your vehicles via their website. Air Compressors, Fender Covers, Foot Pumps, Headliners and Headliner Materials, Replacement Seat Covers, Universal Vinyl Roofs, Simulated Convertible Top Materials, Trunk Lining Materials, Speaker Enclosure Materials, Expanded Vinyls and Original Upholstery Replacement Materials. Lots of stuff you old vehicle restorers need and some stuff you new body shop folks need! 

But, for our immediate purposes you need to know more about Newark's replacement carpeting, rubber mats and their specialty products for big rigs. So here we go …

Newark Auto Products
Replacement Carpeting
Cars, Pickups & Vans

Newark Auto Products makes replacement carpeting for most makes and models of cars, vans, pickups and SUV's on the market. They make the replacement carpeting in two forms. The first form is "sewn-to-contour".

In the 1940’s and 1950’s when automobile carpet became a popular option to have in your car, the car manufacturers would cut out separate pieces of carpeting to fit over tranny humps, shifters, protrusions or to solve the problem of how to fit carpeting in a vehicle that wasn’t modularly designed. I mean, cars of this age weren’t exactly precision products, so floor pan dimensions would vary in the same model even on the same production line. So they cut out the carpet to a close fit, placed it in the car, trimmed to fit and sewed the pieces together! An expensive way to do it, and kids loved to pull on the stitching and pull the seams apart, but hey, you do what you have to do when you made a car back then. Today the manufacturing techniques and equipment used by Newark Auto Products give you a more sophisticated and precise product, but the idea is still the same. The second form of replacement carpeting that Newark makes is "press molded seamless". This is a more modern technique and involves the creation of a precise mold of a vehicles floor pan that is then used as a mold to heat press carpet in. This results in a semi-rigid, but still flexible, piece of carpeting that is already shaped to fit your vehicle's floor and just kinda "drops in". Here's some more info on each type of replacement carpeting from Newark and a quick list of the various vehicles supported.

Sewn to Contour
- Made from polypropylene, nylon loop cut pile nylon carpet
- Fit most vehicles made since 1948
- Custom fit & made to order
- Replaces original carpeting

Press Molded Seamless
- Made from cut pile high quality nylon carpet
- Simple drop in installation
- Fit most vehicles made since 1964
- Replaces OEM carpeting
- Precisely fits floor pan contours

Vehicle Manufacturers Supported 

- Buick
- Cadillac
- Chevy
- Chrysler
- Dodge
- Eagle
- Ford
- Geo
- Lincoln
- Mercury
- Oldsmobile
- Plymouth
- Pontiac
- Saturn

- Accura
- Austin-Healy
- Fiat
- Honda
- Hyundai
- Isuzu
- Mazda
- MG
- Mitsubishi
- Nissan
- Opel
- Subaru
- Toyota
- Triumph
- Volvo
- VW

Replacement Carpeting & Floor Mats
Heavy Trucks

Of course we can't forget you "Big-Rigs" out there - can we ??? And Newark Auto Products certainly haven't forgotten about you. Newark makes a line of Heavy Truck Protector Mats to save wear and tear on that new heavy truck replacement carpeting you just bought from them !!! Here's some info on both the replacement carpeting and the floor mats. Need more info - just link to the Newark site above and ask them - it's that easy and the folks at Newark are happy to talk to you.

Big Rig Replacement Carpeting
- Deep plush, cut pile, heavy duty carpet
- Heel pad to prevent wear through
- Edges are bound to prevent unraveling
- Easy install, just raise the door sill plates
- Available for Freightliner FLD/Classic & Century
- Available for Kenworth
- Available for Peterbilt
- Available for Mack
- Available for Volvo

Big Rig Protector Floor Mats
- Made from 18oz. cutpile polypropylene carpet
- Heavy rubber nibs on back stops mat slippage
- Cloth edge binding prevents mat unraveling
- Vinyl heel pad to prevent wear through
- Available for Freightliner FLD & Century
- Available for Kenworth
- Available for Peterbilt
- Available for Mack
- Available for Volvo

Rubber Mats by Newark Auto Products

Newark Auto Products Molded Rubber Floor Mats and Floor Coverings. A perfect fit rubber carpet or floor liner for your vehicle.

Newark Auto Products also makes rubber floor mats for police cars, military style jeeps, pickups & vans. And if you really need a rubber car floor mat for of all things, your car, you can buy a universal fit rubber car floor mat from Newark Auto Products. Anyway these mats are made from 100% rubber, are rugged and heavy duty and fit the OEM design of your vehicle's floor(except universal fit mats). You may optionally get OEM style underpadding and I think the universal rubbers come with felt backing. TIP : Help reduce mildew smells and moisture with some universal absorbent mats.

Here's some of the vehicles that Newark supports:
- Chevy & GMC pickups & vans
- Datsun/Nissan pickups
- Dodge pickups & vans
- Ford pickups & vans
- Jeeps (Military, Willys, CJ, Scrambler)
- Police Cars (Chevy Impala & Ford Crown Victoria)
- Toyota pickups

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