Truck and Car Floor Mats

Auto Custom Carpets

Auto Custom Carpets (ACC) has been around since its founding in 1977 by Jack Holland. Mr. Holland has since retired and the company is essentially employee owned.

ACC manufactures molded replacement carpet for most cars dating back to the mid 1940s in addition to car floor mats, trunk mats and vacuum molded vinyl flooring. The company tufts, dyes and finishes it's own carpeting. Manufacturing facilities are located in Alabama and Georgia, while the corporate office is in Anniston, Alabama. ACC is the favorite of car restoration specialists who want to specify original fit, material and color for their current projects carpet replacement. In addition, ACC sells an essential line of auto restoration supplies for Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, Nissan, Dodge, Chrysler and Honda. So if "tricking out" a car or pickup is your thing, ACC is your restoration specialist.

ACC Replacement Carpet

Automotive replacement carpet is what Auto Custom Carpets is really about. From cut and sewn carpeting for early model cars to precisely molded carpet sets for later models, ACC makes replacement carpet in all 8

Auto Custom Carpets Molded Replacement Carpet

of the original automotive carpet materials and in over 300 original OEM colors. Most of the carpet materials may be backed with rubber latex or polyethylene. Daytona can only be used in cut and sewn applications as it cannot be molded.

OEM Carpet Materials
- Loop (80/20 Rayon/Nylon, 24 oz,
  5/32 gauge loop)
- Cut Pile (Nylon, 14 oz, 1/8 gauge loop)
- Daytona (Nylon/Cotton/Rayon, 28 oz)
- Gros Point (Nylon)
- Nylon (DuPont 1850 nylon, 5/32 gauge loop)
- Trinadad (Rayon/Nylon, Gold and/or
  Silver thread)
- TruVette (Nylon, 14 oz, 1/10 gauge loop)
- Tuxedo (olefin filament blended into

Other Carpet Materials
- Essex (Super plush upgrade to Cut Pile)
- Vinyl (When carpeting just doesn't do the job)

Special Features
- over 300 original colors
- 25,000+ styles dating back to the 1940s
- heat molded
- 36 oz jute padding
- heel pads just like OEM
- TruVette original carpeting for the Corvette
- Mass Back recommended as a sound deadener

Xtreme Carpet Colors
- for a really "tricked out" ride
- molded with jute padding

Auto Custom Carpets Extreme Carpet Colors

- Limelite Green
- Flaming Fuchsia
- Electric Blue
- Chrome Yellow
- Royal Purple
- White
- Hugger Orange

Auto Custom Carpets - Auto Floor Mats

Do you need to protect the carpeting in your car, pickup, van or SUV? Auto Custom Carpets has you covered!

They make floor mats for vehicles going back to the mid 1940s that custom manufactured to fit the exact make, model and year of your vehicle. And these mats are all die cut or molded to fit the dimensions of your vehicle. They fit perfectly and are crafted using the OEM colors and materials your vehicle was born with. ACC's vehicle floor mats all come backed with Griplock non-stick backing so they don't slide all around on your nice new carpet.

Additional Features
- Over 6000 custom die cut or molded styles
- logos available for all major vehicles
- match over 300 OEM colors
- match OEM carpet materials
- heavy duty, perfect fit truck mats
- Corvette and other specialty mats

Auto Custom Carpets - Trunk Mats

Just a quick mention here on behalf of trunk mats. You don't really have a complete restoration job or really cool vehicle unless your trunk mat is cherry.

Auto Custom Carpets Molded Trunk Mats

Auto Custom Carpets makes trunk mats from original patterns and in original colors to perfectly fit your vehicle. And depending on what you use your trunk for, you'll appreciate the fact that you can order a trunk mat from ACC in fleece, felt, foam, bertex (a brown fiber similar to burlap) or vinyl. And the fit, ahhh, just look at the pic next to this info.