Truck and Car Floor Mats

Nifty Car Mats

Nifty Catch-It Carpeted Car Floor Mat is a luxurious way to protect your car, truck or SUV.

Nifty Car Mats from Lund International give you great choices to make on the technology you want to use to protect your vehicles floor.

The Nifty Catch-It line is available as Vyram (kinda like a hard rubber) or in carpet form. The Nifty Catch-All is really nice carpet on top of a rubberized base which gives you the look & feel of carpet along with the protection you get from a rubber mat. The Nifty Catch-All Extreme is made from Xynet which is a thermoplastic sheet material that's extremely durable yet soft to the touch. And if you need to totally replace your vehicles carpeting, look no further than Nifty's Pro-Line Replacement Carpeting. Nifty Car Mats also sells a line of logo floor mats that covers most professional and collegiate sports teams, but I cover that product line on this FanMats page. Here's some more info on each of the Nifty Car Mats products.

Car Mats, Liners and Carpeting May Need Additional Protection

Use universal absorbent vehicle mat protectors to reduce problems with; spills, excess water that gets between your mats and carpeting, mud and other gunky problems. The absorbent mat is easy to remove and launder so you save time and effort in cleanup. 

Nifty Car Mats, Liners
Replacement Carpeting

Catch-It Mat
The Catch-It Mat is made from Vyram. Vyram is a colorable thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) in the thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) family and is used for applications requiring excellent flex fatigue resistance. This type of TPV typically performs well in a wide range of temperatures from -81F to 275F with no cracking or tackiness. Vyram is resistant to many acids, bases and aqueous solutions. Vyram is conventionally processed via injection molding or extrusion. It's polyolefin based and recyclable. So not only do you get a really durable car floor mat from Nifty Car Mats, you can feel good about your purchase because it's recyclable. Maybe that means you're safe in California then … at least for a while!
- Made from Vyram
- 1 piece design
- Custom molded and fit
  to your vehicle
- Raised mat surface to
  scrape off dirt
- Drip channels collect
  water at bottom of mat
- Raised lip to control spills
- Rolled edge looks nice
- Hose off to clean
- Prices start at around $75

Catch-It Carpet
- Made from heavy duty carpet
- 1 piece design
- Custom molded and fit to your vehicle
- Resists mud, snow and various gunk
- Raised edge contains spills
- Rolled edges prevent unraveling
- Hose off to clean
- Prices start at around $100

Catch-All Floor Liners
These custom fit floor liners from Nifty Car Mats give you the best of two worlds. You get the luxurious look & feel of a carpeted car mat combined with the ruggedness of a utility mat. Plus a good selection of colors lets you coordinate the color scheme in your car, pickup or van.

- Made from plush, durable
  nylon carpet
- Carpet matches OE colors
- Carpet is stain resistant
- Front 2 piece design
- Custom molded and fit
  to your vehicle
- Built in moisture barrier
  protects floor
- Raised lip to control spills
- Electronically welded
  heel pad prevents wear
  through and holes
- Hose off to clean
- Available for Front, 2nd
  and 3rd rows
- Front 1 piece mat
  covering both sides
- Center hump mats
- Cargo mats available
- Hose off to clean
- Grey, Beige,
  Black & Charcoal
- Limited Lifetime Warranty

Catch-All Extreme Floor Liners
This car floor mat line from Nifty is made of a thermoplastic material called Xynet. Xynet is Nifty's name for the thermoplastic sheet material for automotive floor protection that they use to make their car floor liners. It's so tough Nifty puts a limited lifetime warranty on it.
- Custom molded and fit to your vehicle
- Greater floor area coverage than
  conventional mats
- Slip resistant
- Patented Nifty Snap Fastener
  secures mat to floor
- High molded outer lip prevents
  dirt & water escape
- Available for 2nd & 3rd rows
- Front 1 piece mat covering both sides available
- Center hump mats available
- Cargo mats available
- Hose off to clean
- Black, Grey or Tan
- Limited Lifetime Warranty

Nifty Elite Carpeted Floor Liners
- Made from luxurious 22 oz. nylon ultra soft carpet
- Stain resistant
- Custom molded and fit to your vehicle
- Molded perimeter lip contains spills
- Easy cleanup with mild soap and water

Nifty Pro-Line Replacement Carpeting for cars, pickups, SUV, vans

Nifty Pro-Line Aftermarket Replacement Carpeting
When it's just not enough to replace your car floor mats or liners. When you have to replace your vehicles carpeting, Nifty Car Mats has the answer for you. Pre-molded to fit the shape of your vehicles floor, with pre-cut holes for shifters, this is the quick way to renew your cars floor.
- Custom pressure formed to shape of your floor pan
- Made from heavy duty nylon carpet
- No glue required for installation
- Durable finished edges
- Black, Red, Sand, Grey, Charcoal, Coffee, Blue
- Mildew resistant padding included
- Factory style heel pad
- Lower door panel carpets for most models
- 1 Year Warranty

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