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SPG Car Mats
Signature Products Group

You know by now that logo mats are my favorite. And SPG Car Mats from Signature Products Group(SPG) are on my short list of favorite logo mats.

SPG (part of the Truck Shields LLC group of companies) markets, licenses and distributes car floor mats and a lot of other stuff with Camouflage Outdoor Themes in partnership with some of the biggest names in recreational outdoor products.

Sister companies include Browning Casual Apparel, Browning Casual Sportswear and Big Rack Studios. Truck Shields LLC started out in Salt Lake City, Utah sometime around March 2000, introduced their life-like, 3-D camouflage on vinyl sheet around 2002 and has grown their product line to include Automotive, Apparel, Gifts,  Party & Stationery and Eyewear.

OK, enough, back to car mats! You know that camouflage vinyl sheet I mentioned above that Truck Shields developed in 2002? Well that experience showed them the way to the SPG product line of camo car floor mats that you and your vehicle can enjoy today. The brands represented on these mats include Browning, Bone Collector, Mossy Oak, Ducks Unlimited, Hardcore, Realtree and Pink for Her - to name just some of the great designs.

The mats are made of solid heavy duty molded rubber with raised logo heel pads. In most cases the mat is decorated with Camouflage Fabric laminated onto the surface of the mat and use nibbed backing to prevent mat slippage. The mats have raised edges to trap dirt and liquids. You can trim  any of these two piece mat sets to improve the fit for your vehicle. Be Careful When Cleaning these mats. You don't want to use anything abrasive that will scratch or dull the laminated camo surface. Maybe it's a good idea to use a couple of universal absorbent car mat protectors to prevent abrasions, stains and nasty stuff from messing up fancy mats.

SPG Car Mats - Features

- made of solid heavy molded rubber
- raised logo heel pads prevent wear through
- laminated camouflage fabric on mat surface
- nibbed backing on mat prevents slipping
  on floor
- raised edges trap dirt, water, gunk
  and small animals
- noooooo....... not small animals!!!
- edges may be trimmed to improve
  fit on floor
- 2 mats per set for front
- 2 or 8 piece utility mat sets
- 1 Year Limited Warranty

Why Buy SPG Car Mats ???

OK there are lots of reasons to buy these mats. Some serious and some not so serious. Here's my list.

1. They are colorful and
    protect your car

2. They are Camo and protect your car

3. You can get matching
    steering wheel covers

4. You can get matching
    seat covers

5. You can get Pink Logos
    and backgrounds

6. There are trees and
    leaves on them

7. You can get matching
    outwear (coats, etc)
    so no one can see you
    while you're in the car,
    laying on your camo
    car mats

8. All the dirt, leaves,
    branches and other
    stuff you drag into your
    vehicle from being in the
    woods all day just
    seems to blend in to
    the floor

9. Some people like pink logo mats, others like camouflage logo mats - with SPG Car Mats you can have both pink and camo - satisfying both the male and female of the species

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