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Kraco Auto Mats

Kraco Auto Mats are manufactured by Kraco Enterprises at their 500,000 sq. ft. facility in Compton California. Kraco Auto Mats has been around since 1954 when the company produced its' first product, a snap-on white wall to decorate the black wall tires of the day and give the 1950s' car enthusiast an economical option to the then costly white wall tires.

Premium Kraco Auto Mats made of high quality rubber. These are reasonably priced heavy duty rubber car floor mats.

It didn't take long before the Kraco guys got the idea to make rubber, vinyl and carpeted floor mats for automobiles. From there, things just got crazy. Kraco innovated and an impressive line of rubber, carpeted and rubber/carpet car floor mats started rolling out of the Compton factory. Today you can find Kraco Auto Mats in over 15,000 auto supply and general merchandise retail stores (like Walmart & Sams Club for example) across the USA.

But before we go on, let’s hear a little more of the Kraco Auto Mats story. In August 2008 Kraco Auto Mats was acquired by Sun Capital Partners V. In June 2010 Kraco Enterprises acquired Auto Expressions from the Pennzoil-Quaker State automotive aftermarket accessories business of Shell Oil Company. Auto Expressions make all kinds of neat logo car floor mats, air fresheners, seat covers, sunshades, steering wheel covers, auto organizers and other neat and smelly stuff to spiff up your ride with. Kraco Car Care International Ltd markets Kraco Auto Mats and Auto Expressions products outside the USA. They are also the exclusive international distributor of Rain-X, Black Magic, Fix-a-Flat, Gumout, Blue Coral and Slick 50.

OK, back to car floor mats. Here's the scoop on the Kraco Enterprises various lines of floor mat products for your car, pickup, minivan and SUV. Remember, Kraco Car Mats are primarily sold through retail channels and are not custom fit to the exact shape of your vehicles floor pan. A lot of the models can be cut to fit which gives you a really close fit if you are careful with your cuts. I alternate in and out of one of my cars a pair of Kraco universal fit mats. The fit is unbelievably good for a pair of universal mats, they suck up the water and mud, and the rubber is pliable, thick and worth every penny I paid. I also use universal absorbent car mat protectors to reduce water and mud on my mats and carpeting. The mat protectors also reduce mold and mildew smells as they prevent water buildup between the rubber bottoms of my car mats and the vehicle carpeting.

Kraco Auto Mats

Front floor mats, rear floor mats, 1 piece cut to fit runners, 1 piece front floor mats, 1piece & 2piece & 4piece sets, cargo mats

Rubber Cut to Fit
- high quality, heavy duty rubber
- colors are black, grey, clear & tan
- some colors not available on all models
- raised ridges to trap dirt, water & gunk
- diamond plate rubber surface on
  model 2102
- raised border and deep basin to
  trap liquids
- protective heel pads on models 2102,
  R5704, 4104
- rubber nib backing on models 7500, 2520, R5704, 1603
- includes models 7500, 3500, 3502, 2520, R5704, 1603, 2102, 3204

Rubber Universal Fit Car Mats
- high quality, heavy duty rubber
- raised ridges to trap dirt, water & gunk
- raised border and deep basin to trap liquids
- models include 500, 2500,2510, 4104,
- colors are black, grey, clear & tan
- some colors not available in all models

Thermoplastic Rubber & Vinyl
- Cut to Fit models 3204, 5904, 6404
- Universal Fit models 3904, 504, 014
- Clear Vinyl model 5904
- all vinyl model 6404 in all 4 colors
- heel pads on select models
- raised borders
- nibbed backing on models 3204
- colors are black, grey, clear & tan
- some colors not available in all models

Carpeted Mats
- OEM quality 50 oz. carpet with scotchgard
- fade and stain resistant
- web binding on edges to prevent unraveling
- heel pads on models 1214, 2604, 624
- nibbed backing to prevent mat slippage
- colors are black, tan, gray
- models include 9914, 1214, 2604, 624, 614

Carpeted & Rubber Car Mats
- OEM grade carpet married to heavy
  duty rubber
- raised borders
- cut to fit models 3702
- heel pads on models RC8304
                                      - nibbed backing to prevent mat slippage
                                      - colors are black, tan, gray
                                      - models include RC8304, 3703

Auto Expressions Car Mats

Luxurious carpeted car mats from Auto Expressions are universal fit and use a non-skid backing to prevent your mats from slipping all over the floor of your vehicle. The carpet is a deep black to provide a great backdrop for the very colorful and unusual designs you can specify.
- Wild Cherry
- Pink Hearts
- Monarch Butterfly
- Ed Hardy Koi Fish
- Ed Hardy Love Kills
- Ed Hardy Tiger Head

Eco Essentials Auto Mats

Kraco Eco Essentials Line of Car FZloor Mats includes this model the Eco Premium made from 35% recycled rubber.

Rubber Universal Fit
- made from 35%
  recycled rubber
- raised border and deep
  channels to trap liquids
- rubber nib backing
  prevents mat slippage
- colors are black
- models include 6704, 3004

Carpeted Universal Fit
- made from 100% recycled
- heel pads on so,e models
- nib backing on some
- recycled rubber backing
- colors are tan, black, gray
- models include 1404, 234,

Carpeted & Rubber Car Mats
- 100% recycled carpet married to 35% recycled rubber
- raised borders
- cut to fit models 4304
- rubber nib backing prevents mat slippage

Mossy Oak Replacement Carpet

Mossy Oak Replacement Carpet from Kraco Auto Mats is a great way to really liven up the floor of your pickup. Just how many people you know have a floor that's camouflaged? When you're in the woods you can't even see the floor! Now that's something to talk about. Anyway, Kraco Auto Mats makes 3' x 5' pieces of Mossy Oak replacement carpet that's flexible enough to form to almost any shape, maybe even the tranny hump in your pickup. It's an all weather carpet that's durable and takes a lot of dirt and snow and gunk abuse and still cleans up nice. You can trim this carpet to fit almost any shape you got and it comes in 2 different camo patterns. You know you'll like one of them. And Kraco also makes this carpet into utility mats and door mats, just in case you want to match up the floor of your vehicle with the entranceway at camp.

GoodYear Auto Mats

Rubber Cut to Fit & Universal Fit
- high quality, heavy duty rubber
- raised ridges to trap dirt, water & gunk
- Deep channels to trap liquids
- protective heel pads on model 4204
- rubber nib backing prevents mat slippage
- includes models 4204, 6300, 6204
- colors are black, grey, clear & tan

Carpeted Universal Fit Car Mats
- plush carpet backed by heavy duty rubber
- heel pads
- nib backing prevents mat slippage
- UV and stain resistance
- colors are tan, black, gray
- model 6004

Carpeted & Rubber Car  Floor Mats
- heavy duty rubber with carpeted overlays
- UV and stain resistance
- models 5004
- rubber nib backing prevents mat slippage

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