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Molded Automotive Carpet has the problem that all carpets have. It gets dirty and then you have to clean it. You have to sweep it, spot it, deodorize it, remove stains from it and overall give it more attention than you would a dog.

In fact an entire section of this website is dedicated to cleaning molded automotive carpet and floor mats . By now, I may have you confused. When I say “molded auto carpet” I don’t mean automotive carpet with green or yellow mold growing on it! I mean carpeting that has been precisely shaped in a manufacturing process to precisely fit your car or trucks floor and replace the old gungy carpet you’ve been living with since the last century.

So why use a molded vinyl floor covering instead of molded carpeting? Well, let’s pretend, OK? Let’s pretend you are a construction worker and you jump in your pickup after a hard day on site. Your boots are caked with 6 inches of a mud mixed with all kinds construction chemicals like liquid nails and putty and insulation and … well you get the picture! You unsuspectingly put your feet on that nice, plush, carpeted car floor mat before you remember the last time you did that it took 3 hours to clean the stupid mat and the truck carpet.

Let pretend again. You just picked the kids up at the park. It rained the day before. Your minivan or car carpets are now soggy, muddy, greasy, gummy shadows of what they were 10 seconds before the kids got in the vehicle. And you know the kids aren’t gonna clean up after themselves. So whatta ya gonna do? This is when you start thinking and say to yourself that a molded vinyl floor covering would be a great idea. You just use a sponge and a bucket of soapy water to get rid of all kinds of problems from the work site or the kids. It’s like having linoleum floors in your kitchen, instead of carpeting! I mean, who puts carpeting in their kitchen?

Both Molded Vinyl Floor Coverings and Molded Car Carpeting are a great way to protect car and truck floors. They are most commonly found in pickups and the majority of the custom patterns made by Auto Custom Carpets Inc are for pickups, although ACC also has a lot of patterns for older cars like El Caminos. ACC manufactures a 1/8” thick, pebble grained, perfectly shaped and molded to match your vehicles floor, vinyl floor covering. It comes in blue, black, grey, beige and two flavors of camoflauge to suit even the most discriminating soccer mom or construction workers taste. ACC even includes a heavy 40 oz. mildew resistant jute padding to help deaden road noise and all the horrible sounds the kids make in the back seat. Uh, just kidding, nothing deadens those kid noises except cartoons on the flat panel or food! And ... if you really don't like the flashy vinyl stuff you can still stick with the molded automotive carpet product from ACC or you can try the Nifty ProLine replacement molded automotive carpet kit which is a low pile molded nylon carpet kit designed to fit over factory vinyl floors. Get really good Customer Reviews here for the Nifty ProLine. It usually helps me in my decision making process to see what others like or dislike about the product I’m interested in - I hope it helps you too. And, if you find sites with great reviews please share the info with me and other readers of this site by filling out a contact sheet with the appropriate info.