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Lund Tonneau Covers

Lund Tonneau Covers are not the only products Lund  International makes. They are a big manufacturer of aftermarket car equipment.

Lund Genesis Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

Their Nifty Division makes all kinds of car floor mats and carpet replacement kits.

But we’re not interested in all that other fluff are we? We need a soft tonneau cover for our truck bed. Well we’ve come to the right place. Lund Tonneau Covers are marketed under the trade names of Genesis and Revelation. The entire product line consists of various implementations of a soft tonneau cover that improve your trucks aerodynamics(read gas mileage) and have a limited lifetime warranty with the exception of the Revelation line. So here comes a quick description of each of the Lund Genesis and Revelation soft tonneau covers.

Quick Info for Lund Tonneau Covers

Cover Type 1 : Roll-up Tonneau Cover, Roll Up Truck Bed Covers
Cover Type 2 : Roll Top Truck Bed Cover, Soft Tonneau Cover
Cover Type 3 : Soft Truck Bed Cover, Custom Truck Bed Covers
Cover Type 4 : Hinged Truck Bed Cover, Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

Manufacturer : Lund International
Cover Weight :
Approx Price : $200 to $400
Tonneau Cover Parts and Warranty : 888-588-6049

Genesis Tri-Fold :
- Folding tonneau covers style
- Installs in under 5 minutes
- Comes completely assembled
- Cover material is double-sided , tear resistant with black matte finish
- Rails and Bows are black powder coated aluminum
- Quick release clamps provide tension and security for cover
- Buckle style straps keep the Tri-Fold secure in its open position

Lund Genesis Roll-up Tonneau Cover

Genesis Roll-Up :
- Roll-up tonneau cover or
  rolling tonneau cover style
- Approx 20 minute
  no-drill install
- Cover material is double
  sided , tear resistant with
  black matte finish
- Tension control and
  adjustment gauges
  for perfect fit
- Nylon straps keep the
  Roll-Up secure in its
  open position

Genesis Seal & Peel :
- Approx 20 minute
  no-drill install
- Integrated rear tailgate
- Black vinyl cover material
- Snapless system to open
  and close kinda like a
  ziplock bag
- No tension adjustments
  required when opening
  and closing

Genesis Snap :
- Approx 20 minute
  no-drill install
- Extra heavy duty black
  powder coated
  bows and rails
- Premium vinyl in black
  leather or carbon fiber
- Integral rear tailgate seal
- Front corner snap for access to your stuff right behind the cab
- Lifetime Warranty on frame and tarp

Lund Genesis Hinged Tonneau Cover

Genesis Hinged :
- Hinged truck bed cover opens wide for full
  access to bed
- Slam-n-Scram latch instantly latches
  cover on closing
- Easy to install or remove by yourself
- Pull down strap
- Heavy duty gas struts for easy open and close
- Black vinyl tarp
- Lifetime Warranty on frame and tarp

Lund Tonneau Covers Revelation Line :
- Budget version of the Genesis Seal and Peel
- Custom designed for your make and model
- Black, tear resistant vinyl tarp
- Aluminum rails and bows, plastic corner caps
- Low profile look and design
- No drill, clamp on install takes
  approximately 20-45 min
- 1 Year Warranty

Lund Tonneau Covers - Genesis and Revelation Applications
- Chevy Truck Bed Covers
- Dodge RAM Tonneau Cover
- Dodge Truck Tonneau Cover
- Ford F-150 Tonneau Cover
- Ford Sports Trac Tonneau Cover
- Ford Ranger Tonneau Cover
- Ford Truck Bed Covers
- GMC Truck Bed Covers
- Nissan Frontier Tonneau Cover
- Toyota Tacoma Tonneau Cover
- Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover
- Toyota Truck Bed Covers
- Mazda, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Lincoln Pickups

Tip: Keep it Clean
- Use universal absorbent floor mats to prevent moisture buildup
  between your floor mats and the carpeting. These same mats
  can protect the truck bed against gas and oil spills, standing
  water that can cause rust, etc. Mold, mildew and their resultant
  smells are also reduced by using this type of car/truck mat.

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