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GemTop Truck Caps WorkMaster Model

GemTop Truck Caps were manufactured by Gem Top Mfg in Sandy, Oregon. Note: As of September 2016 it appears as if BrandFX has completely absorbed the product line. The company was originally founded in 1947 and has led the way in the development and construction of steel truck caps for the commercial and recreational truck cap marketplace. The company was acquired by BrandFx

in 2003 and uses the watertight doors and windows manufactured by BrandFx in their manufacturing process. GemTop Truck Caps are constructed from heavy gauge steel and are essentially leak free. Gem Top Mfg also makes a steel laminated tonneau cover primarily for commercial purposes using the same care and durable steel construction they use in their truck caps. Custom applications for fire, plumbing, electrical, emergency services and building trade applications are no problem for the experienced designers and fabricators at Gemtop. So satisfy your need for custom designed interiors, organizers and partitions, roof racks, customized lighting, security screens, shelves and special height canopies and check out Gem Top.

GemTop Truck Caps OutFitter Model

Standard Features
- Heavy steel construction
- 17 gauge galvanized
  steel framing
- Double sided galvanized
  steel skin
- Foam insulated roof
  (except Jobsite)
- Rubber seals and

A tough steel cap with a cab high fit the Gemsport can be optionally fitted with lift up side doors, side doors with paddle handles, safety rotary latches and gas filled struts to assist you in opening and closing the doors. Steel tough pickup truck caps for recreational use.

Help your Gemtop Truck Cap reduce odors, moisture and dirt

Keep the truck bed under your Gemtop Topper clean, dry and reduce odors.

The Outfitter is the GemTop Truck Caps version of a cab high design with contoured sides that blend in with your pickup trucks lines. It comes with a double width walk-in rear door for your full sized pickup. Other features and options include :

- safety glass
- curved side slider window
- double walk-in rear door for full size pickups
- solid steel sides
- white baked on enamel finish
- paddle handles, rotary latches, door stops
- 3rd brake light
- continuous door hinges
- 24 gauge galvanized steel skin
- 16 gauge galvanized steel framing
- welded and riveted construction
- 12 volt interior dome light
- optional tool boxes
- optional stainless steel paddle handles
- optionally match factory OEM paint color

GemTop Truck Caps has been making the WorkMaster line of steel truck caps for commercial use for over 50 years. With lockable steel doors on all 3 sides the WorkMaster keeps the cargo and driver safe. And the WorkMaster comes in 3 plus height configurations to support applications requiring 48' to 60' of interior height. So if you're into plumbing, HVAC, electrical, construction or whatever and you need the strength of steel and some extra height, look no further than a WorkMaster. Some features and options are :

- solid steel sides
- fixed front window
- lift up half rear door
- clear baked on white enamel
- paddle handles, door stops and rotary latches
- continuous door hinges
- 26 gauge galvanized steel skin
- 17 gauge galvanized steel framing
- welded and riveted construction
- 12 volt interior dome light
- optional tool boxes
- optional stainless steel paddle handles
- optionally match factory OEM paint color

The economical standard for Gemtop commercial steel truck caps that costs about what an aluminum truck cap would cost. The Jobsite doesn't come with a foam insulated roof, locking rotary latches or a 12 V dome light but you get white exterior solid sides, lift up rear door, rotary latches and brake lights. Options include such niceties as OEM colors, security screens, walk in rear doors, load shift panels, ladder rack and roll out cargo drawers. Need to be thrifty, yet have the strength and durability of steel in your truck cap without breaking the budget - here you go.

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