Truck and Car Floor Mats

The Leather Auto Floor Mat

Note : As of 12-Dec-2016 it appears as if this product is no longer provided by IntroTech. For more information check out our page on leather car mats.

IntroTech Luxurious Leather Car Floor Mat. Leather smell and feel and warmth. Take this car floor mat out on a date!

Mmmmmmmmmmm …. An auto floor mat made of Leather. You can smell it, can’t you. The infectious smell of leather, the seductive feel, unite to give leather its immense appeal.

This halo of luxury is what Intro-Tech brings to your vehicle with their Leather Auto Mat product. This Intro-Tech auto floor mat is made from bonded leather treated to be moisture resistant. It has the famous Intro-Tech nib backing to prevent slippage and its edges are bound with matching leather. The surface is textured, so you don’t slip and a custom heel pad helps prevent wear through. The leather is thick enough to stand up to a lot of wear and still retain its beauty and elegance. You have to treat this mat nice – wipe clean with a damp cloth and use approved leather cleaner and conditioner to keep it looking fine. I want to wallpaper the inside of my suv with these mats!

IntroTech Leather Car Floor Mat. Real Leather Luxury!

IntroTech Leather Auto Floor Mat
Additional Features

- available in 4 colors, black, grey, brown, tan
- 7000+ custom fit mats for trucks, cars, suvs
- seductive feel, infectious smell of leather
- Lifetime Warranty
- Made in the USA

Protect Your Leather Mats

You want to keep your expensive, luxurious leather car mats smelling and looking Good, right? Well, prevent problems by using universal absorbent car mat protectors when you're by yourself in the vehicle and not trying to impress someone else. These mats will suck up soda/coffee spills, footwear borne oil/gas/gunk and reduce the amount of moisture that gets between your leather auto floor mats and your vehicles' carpeting. Hey! That means less mold/mildew stains and smells.

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