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ARE Tonneau Covers

ARE Tonneau Covers are built by the first ISO 9001 Certified
Truck Cap Manufacturer in the USA. ARE’s 256,000 square foot plant is in Massillon, Ohio and they make more single brand truck caps (see ARE Truck Caps) and tonneau covers than anyone else in the USA.

A.R.E. LSX and LSII Hard Fiberglass Tonneau Covers

The company started up in 1969 making aluminum truck caps and storage buildings. Fiberglass style ARE Tonneau Covers started coming off the line in 1989 winning industry awards for the lift system that helps you lift the cover off the truck bed.

ARE is a sponsor of Ducks Unlimited and the Wounded Warrior Project. Premium products are used in the manufacture of the ARE Tonneau Cover Product Line. They have their own paint shop, construct their own fiberglass and even high pressure, salt water spray test the metal components that are used in their tonno covers.While you’re visiting the website make sure you get the name of a dealer near you because these hard truck bed covers are heavy (80-130 lbs) and have a lot of accessories and options you really want a pro to install.

ARE manufactures 4 traditional tonneau covers; the LSX Ultra Series, the LSX Series, the LSII Series and the LT Series. ARE also manufactures the 3DL Series which is kind of a hybrid tonneau cover / truck cap. It adds 4 inches above the truck bed rail of additional storage space and opens like a butterfly wing from both sides while still preserving the traditional manner of opening the entire cover from the rear. The 3DL Series is an innovative and useful addition to the ARE Tonneau Covers Product Line.

You also want to evaluate the differences between the two LSX models, the LT and the LSII models. Basically the LSII adds some compound curves, styling upgrades and protective trim on the edges. The LSII also makes standard some features which were optional on the LSX. The LSX Ultra adds some neat stuff like keyless entry while the LT isn't carpeted inside like the other 3 models. But these are the tough decisions you have to make. So here's a simple chart to get you started on the road to picking out which of the 5 ARE Tonneau Covers your like best.

Hinge Type

Lock System



Scissor Hinge

Automotive Grade Lock

Gray Carpet


Scissor Hinge

Remote Keyless Entry

Carpeted with Interior Light


Continuous Hinge

Automotive Grade Lock

Gray Carpet


Stainless Steel Hinges

Black Lever Handle



Steel Hinges

Black Lever Handles


ARE 3DL Series Tonneau Cover with butterfly wing like side opening doors. This tonneau cover also opens from the rear.

Quick Info for ARE Tonneau Covers

Cover Type 1 : Hard Tonneau Covers, Fiberglass Tonneau Cover
Cover Type 2 : Hard Truck Bed Cover, Hard Fiberglass Truck Bed Covers
Cover Type 3 : Custom Truck Bed Covers

Manufacturer : A.R.E. Accessories LLC
Cover Weight : Approx 80 to 130 lbs.
Approx Price : Approx $1000 to $1800
Tonneau Cover Parts and Warranty : 330-481-1337

ARE Tonneau Covers Features

- base rail with weather resistant seal
- gas strut lift assists help raise the lid
- Improves gas mileage by approx 6% to 10%
- scissor hinges (LSX & Ultra) for secure close fit
- integrated, remote keyless entry option
- optional sport wing and light
- 1/2” honeycomb, reinforced roof
- DuPont basecoat/clearcoat to match your
  trucks OEM paint
- optional Overland protective coating
- carpeted interior usually dark gray
- patented palm handle for easy open and close
- low profile clamps for a close fit
- trimless edges ( protective trim on LSII )
- lots of optional stuff, check out the ARE website
universal absorbent truck floor mat protectors
  helps reduce moisture, dirt, mildew and
  mold smells

I can’t let you go without mentioning a couple more things that really make the ARE Tonneau Cover special. First, the lid rests on multiple height adjusters and not on the bed rail. This allows for a precise, low profile fit and keeps the tonneau cover from rubbing on the bed rail. Secondly, you can get remote keyless entry which is integrated with your vehicles door locks. Which is another good reason to let an experienced dealer do the install. Thirdly, there are all kinds of neat accessories like clothes rods, 12 volt power strips, dome lights, sport wings, bed mats, bed slides and I could keep going but I have to sleep sometime! So what can I say - it’s a helluva truck bed cover for the money. Maybe even a good idea to get one installed when you buy your new truck.

ARE LSX Ultra Tonneau Cover with the optional Sports Wing Installed.

LSX Ultra Series

- carpeted interior (gray)
- scissor hinge technology
- remote keyless entry
- ARE designed lift system
- a hardware shroud
- patented palm handle
- extra bright interior LED
- scissor hinges for security
- fabric headliner
- optional sport wing
- optional brake light on sport wing
- optional 12 volt power strip
- optional interior clothes rod
- limited lifetime warranty

LSX Series

- carpeted interior
  (dark gray)
- scissor hinge technology
- ARE designed lift system
- a hardware shroud
- patented palm handle
- extra bright interior LED
- scissor hinges for security
- fabric headliner
- optional sport wing
- optional brake light
  on sport wing
- optional 12 volt
  power strip
- optional interior
  clothes rod
- optional LED dome &
  prop lights
- limited lifetime warranty

LSII Series

- lift assist system
- molded palm handle
- continuous hinge
- protective trim on edges
- automotive grade locks
- gray carpeted headliner
- optional sport wing
- optional brake light
  on sport wing
- optional 12 volt
  power strip
- optional interior clothes rod
- optional LED dome & prop lights
- optional remote keyless entry
- limited lifetime warranty

LT Series

- aluminum base rail system
- scissor hinge technology
- lift assist system
- attractive palm handle
- heavy duty hinges
- lockable black handle
- optional dark gray carpeting
- 3 year structural warranty

ARE LT Series Tonneau Cover is a fiberglass tonno with plenty of features to make you happy.

3DL Series

- doors open to side like butterfly wings
- entire cover opens from rear
- front hinge system
- 4 extra inches of vertical bed storage
- excellent rear visibility
- keeps products secure
- keeps products out of sight
- easy access to truck bed
- optional remote keyless entry
- optional LED strip lighting
- limited lifetime warranty

A.R.E. Accessories LLC Tonneau Covers Popular Applications

- Chevy Truck Bed Covers : Heavy Duty, 1500, Silverado
- Dodge RAM Tonneau Cover
- Dodge Dakota Truck Bed Covers
- Ford F-150 Tonneau Cover
- Ford Ranger Tonneau Cover
- Ford Super Duty Tonneau Cover
- Ford Explorer Truck Bed Cover
- GMC 1500 LD, Heavy Duty, Canyon Lids
- Isuzu i-280, i-350 Tonnos
- Mazda Mini and Mitsubishi Raider Tonneaus
- Nissan Frontier Tonneau Cover
- Nissan Titan Tonneau Cover
- Toyota Tacoma Tonneau Cover
- Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover
- Toyota Truck Bed Covers

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