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Quick Info for TruXedo Tonneau Covers

Cover Type 1 : Soft Tonneau Covers, Soft Truck Bed Cover
Cover Type 2 : Vinyl Truck Bed Cover, Vinyl Tonneau Cover
Cover Type 3 : Roll-up Truck Bed Cover, Roll-up Tonneau Cover
Cover Type 4 : Hinged Truck Bed Cover, Hinged Tonneau Cover
Cover Type 5 : Custom Truck Bed Covers, Harley Embossing

Manufacturer : Truxedo Inc.
Cover Weight :
Approx Price : $300 to $900
Tonneau Cover Parts and Warranty : 877-878-9336

Ah Yes !!! TruXedo Tonneau Covers are here to solve your tonneau cover budget problem. TruXedo truck bed covers are full of features and durability for a fair price.

Tip for Truck Bed Cover Owners: Use universal absorbent mats to prevent moisture and gunk buildup in your truck bed and cab areas. This helps reduce the odors from mold and mildew. And, they are easy to clean.

And TruXedo is part of the THI (Tectum Holdings Inc.) tonneau cover family which currently includes Truxedo, Extang, Undercover, Advantage, Retrax, BAK and the BedRug family of carpeted foam bedliners. THI itself is owned by TA (Tucker Anthony) Associates, a large private equity firm based in Boston Massachusetts. If you don’t find a TruXedo truck bed cover you love, then look no further than any of the above manufacturers of high quality tonneau covers. OK, time to get down to brass tacks.

TruXedo makes 6 rollup soft tonneau cover models; the TruXedo LoPro QT, the Edge, the TruxPort, the Deuce, the TruXedo Plus and the TruXedo Original. TruXedo also manufactures a custom line of Harley Davidson tonneau covers. The 6 standard models vary in price and design but share these common features :

(1) Made of UV resistant fabrics that wont fade
(2) Perform well in extreme hot and cold weather
(3) Hold up to 350 pounds without stretching cover
(4) Manual or auto tension controls
(5) Secure - locked when tailgate is locked
(6) Sits .75 to 1.5 inches above bed rail

(7) Inside edge mount design works with bed liners, rails, extenders
      and railcaps
(8) Cleanup with mild soap and water - car wash OK
(9) Parts, Product Support and Sales at 877-878-9336

So you’re already looking at a lot of nice features in every model of TruXedo tonneau cover. Now lets look at some of the unique features of each model.

Lo Pro QT
- soft rollup tonneau cover
- available in 5 colors; black, navy, buckskin, charcoal grey and light grey
- special side and corner seals to keep out elements
- floating Velcro seal system
- custom fit to your make and model
- automatic tension control
- extra rubber seals at front and back of tonneau cover
- low profile design
- heavy duty vinyl coated fabric tarp
- lifetime warranty

The Edge
- custom fit to your make
  and model
- manual tension control
- simple one finger release
- 5 year warranty

- custom fit to your make
  and model
- top mounting
- manual tension control
- sides secured with velcro
  for continuous contact
- heavy duty black
  vinyl tarp
- 5 year warranty

The Deuce
- soft rollup/hinged
- open one panel at a
  time or rollup
- custom fit to your make
  and model
- access front of bed
  without rolling up cover
- available in 5 colors;
  black, navy, buckskin,
  charcoal grey and
  light grey
- shares most features of
  the Lo Pro QT
- lifetime warranty

TruXedo Plus
- custom fit to your make
  and model
- toolbox and soft rollup
  tonneau combination
- velcro seal all around to keep out elements
- heavy duty vinyl coated fabric
- black powder coated heavy duty
  aluminum toolbox
- lifetime warranty on tonneau cover and 1 yr
  on toolbox

TruXedo Original
- custom fit to your make and model
- 1.5 inch velcro loop secures tonneau cover
- continuous rubber seals front and rear
- automatic tension control
- heavy duty vinyl coated fabric
- lifetime warranty on this TruXedo Tonneau Cover

Truxedo Tonneau Covers Popular Applications
- Chevy/GMC S10, Colorado/Canyon, more
- Dodge Ram, Dakota Truck Bed Covers
- Ford F150, F250, F2350, F450, Ranger
- Isuzu Crew Cab, Hombre
- Lincoln Mark LT
- Mazda 6ft, 7ft beds
- Mitsubishi Raider
- Nissan Frontier, Titan, King Cab
- Suzuki Equator
- Toyota T-100, Tundra

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