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Ranger Enterprises Aluminum Pickup Truck Caps

 Ranger Truck Caps are manufactured by Ranger Enterprises Inc. near Danville Pennsylvania. The company manufactures a line of lightweight aluminum truck caps with lots of great standard features and the fishing, boating and camping enthusiast in mind.

But, you know, before you get to go fish or lay around camp drinking beer you have to pay for your relaxation. For that purpose Ranger Truck Caps makes a heavy duty utility truck cap that gives you up to 30" of headroom and lots of options for shelves, toolboxes and all those work related things we don't want to think about but have to, so we can go fishing. Anyway here's a bunch of features and options for both classes of aluminum truck caps made by Ranger Enterprises.

Ranger Truck Caps
Deluxe Cap Line

Ranger Truck Caps has 3 different models of pickup truck caps that differ mainly in the style of the side windows. The GSVA Model has 2 glass panels on each side surrounding an awning style window. The RSS Model has Radius side slider windows. The DFGSVA is like the GSVA except it has a drop front roof to improve the aerodynamics and give 4" or thereabouts of extra headroom inside.

Standard Features
- Custom fit for your pickups make & model
- Slanted side style design
- Tubular aluminum frame
- Reinforced rear frame
- Integrated aluminum base rails
- 4 roof bows on long bed pickups
- 3 roof bows on short bed pickups
- Rear brake light
- Exterior aluminum skin is .019 gauge
- Tinted safety glass on windows & doors
- Rear lift up door with double T-handles
- Gas props on rear door to assist open/close
- Black powder coated moldings & extrusions
- Available in popular colors

Optional Features
- Boat & Ladder racks
- 12V interior dome light
- Front sliding window
- Extra large side glass doors

Ranger Truck Caps
Utility Truck Cap Line

To work, to work, off to work we go in a Ranger Contractor Special. The Contractor Special is just one of the many combinations available to you in a heavy duty .030" gauge aluminum pickup truck cap from Ranger Enterprises.

Standard Features
- Custom fit for your pickups
  make & model
- Slanted side style design
- Tubular aluminum frame
- Reinforced rear frame
- Integrated aluminum
  base rails
- A 65" wide aluminum
  door on each side
- Stainless steel locks
- Clear glass front
  picture window
- Rear brake light
- Exterior aluminum skin
  is .030 gauge
- Black powder coated
  moldings & extrusions
- Colors are White, Green,
  Silver, Black, Pewter,
  Red, Grey, Brandy

Optional Features
- Double aluminum side
  doors, 40" each
- Optional doors & windows
- Galvanized steel side tool boxes
- Dividers & shelves
- Security screens for windows
- Boat, ladder and contractor racks
- 12V interior dome lights
- 30" roof for more headroom & storage

Keep your Ranger Cap clean with universal absorbent truck mat protectors. Also protects your floor mats, sucks up spills and reduces smells from mold and mildew.

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