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Ranch Elite Fiberglass Truck Caps

Ranch Truck Caps current truck cap lineup includes 4 current models and 3 "Heritage" models. The 4 current models are available for almost any pickup you can think of. The Heritage models are available for most pickup model years prior to 2003.

Ranch Truck Caps puts a lot of thought into their truck toppers. The fiberglass base rails are actually painted into the truck cap itself, not glued or riveted, so you don't have to worry about the cap and base rail coming apart at the glue joint. This also improves the aesthetic look of the Ranch topper as they don't have to use rivets or screws or other visible fasteners to hold the base rails and topper together. Ranch also uses DuPont environmentally friendly paints and clearcoats, so your new truck camper shell from Ranch Truck Caps can help you feel like you're really helping out the environment while still making your truck look good! Universal absorbent mat protectors will assist you in keeping the mats/carpeting in your cab and the truck bed area clean, dry and free of smells.

Ranch Truck Caps - Fiberglass
Current Models

Common Features
- Integrated fiberglass base rails
- Rear brake light
- Trimless edges
- Tinted windows
- Front picture window
- Black powder coated hardware
- DuPont paint and clearcoat
- Honeycomb tri-cell roof

Echo Model
The really, really economical Ranch Truck Caps model. You get everything you really need with a nice list of options if you need just a little more oomph in your truck cap.
- Economical cab high truck cap
- 3 year warranty
- Roped in front & side windows
- Double T-handle rear door for security

Elite Model
The "top-of-the-line" model from Ranch. You can get options on this baby, but you don't really need them. You also get a lot of sleek aerodynamic design and great looks. Here's more of what you get:
- Aluminum framed front slider or picture window
- Venting side window doors
- Frameless windows
- Frameless slam latch rear door
- LED brake light
- 12V dome light
- Quick connect/disconnect electrical harness
- Optional keyless entry
- Limited lifetime paint & structure warranty

Sierra Model
The cab high medium priced truck cap from Ranch with plenty of features and a great list of options :
- Double T-handle rear door for security
- Aluminum framed front slider or picture window
- Double bay windows
- 50/50 side slider windows
- LED brake light
- 12V dome light
- Quick connect/disconnect electrical harness
- Limited lifetime paint & structure warranty

Supreme Model
When you need 9 extra inches of headroom and storage, the Sierra is the model for you. Lots of standard features and options in this high rise truck cap from Ranch. Almost high enough for that big chandelier your wife wants to put in your camper shell.
- Double T-handle rear door for security
- Aluminum framed front slider or picture window
- 50/50 side slider windows
- LED brake light
- 12V dome light
- Quick connect/disconnect electrical harness
- Limited lifetime paint & structure warranty

Fiberglass Caps Options
Here's some of the options you can get on one or more of the Ranch Fiberglass Series truck caps :
- Drop down or sliding front picture window
- Screened and/or sliding windows
- Solid sides and fronts
- Fiberglass tool boxes
- Painted fiberglass rear door
- Battery powered interior dome light
- Roof racks & tool boxes
- Carpeted headliner
- Lockable inside security box

Ranch Truck Caps - Fiberglass
Heritage Models

These are still very popular Ranch Truck Caps models, but they have been discontinued and replaced by the more technologically advanced models listed above. These truck caps are available for most pickup models prior to the 2003 model year.

Lariat Model
Cab high in front and back, but domed in the center for some extra headroom and storage space. Great place to hide your onboard navigational radar unit - no, not really, just kidding. For pickups manufactured prior to 2003.

New Lariat
Like the Lariat model but is a mid rise truck cap. So you start to get an extra 6" of headroom from the center of the truck bed on back. For pickups manufactured prior to 2003.

The "old" premium truck cap from Ranch superceded by the Elite. This is a cab high truck cap with frameless glass doors and windows. You also get vented, sliding side windows and a lot more cool neat features. For pickups manufactured prior to 2003.

Ranch Truck Caps - Commercial
Fiberglass & Aluminum Models

Magnum Fiberglass Contractor Model
Built with the contractor in mind, this Ranch Truck Caps commercial fiberglass truck cap holds up to 250 lbs on it's ladder rack, has a whole bunch of tool boxes and extra secure doors to keep your equipment safe. You get the same heavy duty construction as with any other Ranch Truck Caps fiberglass truck cap and a lot more features - like these :
- Front picture or slider window
- Tinted windows
- DuPont paint & clearcoat
- Fiberglass base rails
- Quick connect wire harness
- Trimless edges
- 12V dome light
- Rear brake light
- Tri Cell honeycomb roof
- Dual T handle rear door
- Fiberglass side doors
- Roof Racks
- Contractor box
- Optional screened slider windows
- Optional Windoors
- Optional clothes Hangers

Commercial Aluminum Truck Caps
These truck caps are kind of a specialty item from Ranch Fiberglass. You need to call them directly and discuss your needs. Here's a couple of tidbits about them that might motivate you to make that call :
- Smooth .030" gauge aluminum skin
- 5 bows in roof construction
- Black trim
- Solid, painted side doors
- Fold down T handle latches
- H rack with 1" roof clearance
- Lift up rear door with gas props
- Heavy duty .080" gauge mounting rails
- Finished edges

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