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Peragon Tonneau Covers

 Peragon Tonneau Covers are the cats meow if you’re trying to keep your choice of retractable truck bed cover sturdy and simple.

Peragon Retractable Tonneau Cover with custom truck bed rails. What a great Truck Bed Cover

They are made of 5052-H32 tempered aluminum 12 gauge sheets with integral ribs for strength and stability. Peragon bakes a satin black powder coat on each panel and you can have your local body shop paint them if you want. The panels accordion fold into a box like shape in the front of the truck bed and hang about 6” out and 12” down. You can still push plywood sheets all the way to the front of the bed! And look at the custom fit bed rails that really make this tonneau cover pop out! OK, some more features …

Quick Info for Peragon Tonneau Covers

Cover Type 1 : Hard Tonneau Covers, Hard Truck Bed Cover
Cover Type 2 : Aluminum Truck Bed Cover, Aluminum Tonneau Cover
Cover Type 4 : Retractable Truck Bed Cover, Retractable Tonneau Cover
Cover Type 4 : Custom Truck Bed Covers

Manufacturer : Peragon Enterprises Inc.
Cover Weight : approx 35 lbs
Approx Price : approx $600 to $800+
Peragon Tonneau Covers Parts and Warranty : 877-473-7246

Peragon Retractable       
Tonneau Cover Features   

- Ball bearing, retractable
  truck bed cover
- Quick release from frame
  in under a minute
- Aluminum panels are
  precision laser cut
- Comes only in black - you
  can paint any color
- Automatic latching and
  high quality keylock
  for security
- EPDM rubber weather
  seals, like on your
  trucks windows
- Custom fit rails and
  low profile design
- Max load is 30 to 50 lbs
Customer Reviews
- Damaged panels are
  independently replaceable
- Cover weighs about 35 lbs
  on most pickup trucks
- Works with most bed
  liners, bed caps and
  5th wheel hitches
- Open and close tailgate
  independent of this
  aluminum tonneau cover
- 1 Year Limited Warranty
Universal Absorbent Mats
  help reduce moisture, dirt,
  mildew and mold smells

Peragon Enterprises Popular Applications
- Chevrolet Colorado, Silverado, S10
- Dodge Dakota, Ram
- Ford F150, F250, F350, F450, Ranger, Explorer Sport Trac
- GMC Canyon, Sierra, Sonoma
- Honda Ridgeline
- Lincoln Mark LT
- Mazda B-Series
- Mitsubishi Raider
- Nissan Titan, Frontier
- Suzuki Equator
- Toyota Tacoma, Tundra

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