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Pace Edwards Tonneau Cover

The Pace Edwards Tonneau Cover is a pickup truck bed cover that is known for its technological coolness, smooth operation and low profile aerodynamic design. 

Pace Edwards BedLocker Electric Roll-Top Tonneau Cover Roll Top Truck Bed Cover

Pace Edwards implementation of various technologies, like their electric motor driven roll top, make them relatively unique among tonneau cover manufacturers that work primarily in aluminum.

The entire Pace Edwards retractable tonneau cover product line consists of 4 different roll top truck bed covers that differ only in their technological gadgetry. All 4 tonno models retract into a canister in the front of the truck bed taking up a small amount of space you don’t normally lose with a soft rollup tonneau cover. But the coolness of a roll top tonneau cover far outweighs the small amount of lost space. The roll top itself is made of aluminum panels, but is not designed to carry a heavy load. The covers all fit over 5th wheel trailer hitches and have no drill, clamp-in installations. Here’s a breakdown cover by cover of the unique features of each member of this product line. 

Tip: Because these tonneau covers do such a good job of sealing the interior of the truck bed, it's hard for liquids that get into the truck bed to evaporate. This sometimes lead to mold and mildew problems. Universal absorbent truck mats can help resolve this problem. The absorbent mats may also be used in the truck cab on top of existing floor mats to prevent water from getting between the mats and carpeting. Soda pop spills and junk on your shoes can also be absorbed before they stain your expensive truck floor mats.

Quick Info for Pace Edwards Tonneau Cover

Cover Type 1 : Retractable Tonneau Cover, Roll Top Truck Bed Covers
Cover Type 2 : Roll Top Truck Bed Cover, Hard Tonneau Cover
Cover Type 3 : Hard Truck Bed Cover, Custom Truck Bed Covers

Manufacturer : Pace Edwards
Cover Weight :
Approx Price : $650 to $2200
Tonneau Cover Parts and Warranty : 888-231-2686

Bedlocker Electric
- cover is operated by remote control
- power tonneau cover uses and electric motor to open and close
- electrically retractable truck bed cover
- electromagnetic brake locks cover securely in any position
- silicon weather hinges for a tight seal between the aluminum panels
- aluminum panels are black powder coated
- also available for a range of utility trucks
- 3 year warranty

Full Metal Jack Rabbit
- spring action retractable tonneau cover
- built in pull strap can engage latch at 12 inch intervals
- key lock to secure latch at 12 inch intervals
- aluminum panels are black powder coated
- 3 year warranty

Pace Edwards Tonneau Cover Full Metal JackRabbit Roll Top Hard Truck Bed Cover

Jack Rabbit

- aluminum panels are
  laminated to weather
  resistant polymer

- spring action retractable
  tonneau cover

- built in pull strap can
  engage latch at
  12 inch intervals

- key lock to secure latch
  at 12 inch intervals

- 3 year warranty

Roll Top Cover

- original Pace Edwards
  cover since 1985

- spring action retractable
  hard truck bed cover

- aluminum panels are
  laminated to weather
  resistant polymer

- key lock at tailgate to
  secure tonno

- optional pull strap

- 3 year warranty

Optional Accessories

- PowerGate adds a deadbolt to your tailgate
  with remote control

- Explorer Series Rails lets you add double
  decker storage system

Pace Edwards Tonneau Cover Popular Applications
- Chevy Truck Bed Covers
- Dodge RAM Tonneau Cover
- Dodge Truck Tonneau Cover
- Ford F-150 Tonneau Cover
- Ford Sports Trac Tonneau Cover
- Ford Ranger Tonneau Cover
- Ford Truck Bed Covers
- GMC Truck Bed Covers
- Nissan Frontier Tonneau Cover
- Toyota Tacoma Tonneau Cover
- Toyota Tundra Tonneau Cover
- Toyota Truck Bed Covers
- Honda Pickups

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