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Lakeland Truck Caps

Lakeland Truck Caps has been in the automotive accessories business since 1975. The company is currently the largest manufacturer of truck caps in Wisconsin.

Both the fiberglass truck cap and aluminum truck cap product lines are some of the most extensive in the industry. In addition, Lakeland Truck Caps manufactures a varied line of commercial truck caps for when you've got to get the job done. You have to visit their website to see the Special Deals, see what's going on and order the truck cap you want because Lakeland doesn't sell through a dealer network. They sell to you - factory direct. Here's what they sell, that you just might want to buy!

Lakeland Truck Caps - Fiberglass

Lakeland Truck Caps manufactures (in Wisconsin) a very nice variety of fiberglass pickup truck caps custom fit and designed to accentuate your make and model pickup.

Lakeland Renegade Model Fiberglass Truck Cap

The different models include a raised roof design, an SUV look design and an economical model that brings the price of a truck cap down to that of a tonneau cover. All of Lakelands fiberglass toppers use BASF paint to match the original OEM color and come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty (except for the Falcon model). Some of the other features common to most or all of these fiberglass caps are:
- DOT safety glass
- Fiberglass base rails
- LED rear brake light
- Double wall reinforced roof
- Tinted glass
- Gas props to help open/close doors
- 12V domelight (except Falcon)

Renegade Model
An SUV styled fiberglass truck cap from Lakeland Truck Caps.
- Interior headliner
- Wrap over rails
- Full front window
- Frameless curved rear door
- Twist locking handle for door
- Slam latch locks
- Frameless curved side windows w/screens

Intrepid Model
An SUV styled topper with max visibility and great ventilation.
- Wrap over rails
- Full front window
- Frameless curved rear door
- Frameless curved side windows w/screens

Predator Model
Superior fit and design from Lakeland.
- Wrap over rails
- Full front window
- Frameless curved rear door
- Slam latch locks
- Radius sliders w/screens

Explorer Model
A raised roof design for extra headroom and storage space.
- Raised roof design
- Radius front window
- Double handle locking rear door
- Radius sliders w/screens

Voyager Model
Lakelands most popular truck cap. You have to check this one out. - Radius front window
- Double handle locking rear door
- Radius sliders w/screens

Falcon Model
One of the most economical fiberglass truck caps on the market. A great buy, especially with all the standard features.
- Radius front window
- Locking rear door
- Radius side windows
- Limited 1 Year Warranty

Lakeland Truck Caps - Aluminum

Lakeland Model 1000 Aluminum Truck Cap

Lakeland Truck Caps also manufactures 7 varieties of the aluminum truck cap. The varieties differ primarily in the size, number and functionality of windows and doors. Here are some of the common options available on these Lakeland aluminum truck caps and then a short description of each variety. Check out the Lakeland website (link is above) for lots of great pics and enhanced descriptions.
- Tinted glass
- 12V dome light
- Carpeted headliner
- Front slider window
- Radius front windows
- Radius side and rear doors
- Customize your ceiling height
- Various side windows and doors
- Roof racks, bows, cages & toolboxes
- Paint to closely match pickup OEM colors

Model 100
Screened awning windows at an economical price

Model 400
Stationary window with a screened awning window for better visibility and ventilation.

Model 700
Enhanced visibility windows with screens

Model 800
Screened awning windows and 44" side doors for better ventilation and improved access

Model 1000
Wow, 2, count em 2, 44" side doors on each side

Model 1100
A screened awning window and 2 fixed windows on each side

Model 1200
A 52" fixed window on each side

Keeping a Truck Bed Clean & Dry

Help keep you truck bed clean and dry using universal absorbent truck car floor mat protectors.

Lakeland Commercial Truck Caps

Wow, you'd think Lakeland would run out of different ideas on what kind of truck caps to make and how to design them.

Lakeland Truck Caps Commercial Pro Series Aluminum Truck Cap with Double Cargo Door

But then, you'd be wrong! Lakeland Truck Caps also manufactures a heavy duty line of commercial aluminum truck caps. The big difference between the 4 models is what type of rear door you get. So before I succinctly describe each model lets look at some standard features and options.

Standard Features
 - LED brake lights
- Side door liners
- Folding T-handles on doors
- Automotive grade locks
- Rear door protective panel
- Chrome steel hinges on full sized rear doors

Common Options
- Ladder racks
- Metal screens to protect
- Fold down trays
- Toolboxes and utility

Lift Door Style features:

A lift up door so you can get into the back of your pickup.

Hatch Back Door Style features:
A hatchback style door to make loading and unloading - easy.

Double Cargo Doors Style features:
Double, open out sideways, cargo doors with T handles and 3 point locks

Walk In Door Style features:
A single walk in door and optional 30" of cargo height make for easy access and enhanced storage