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Extang Tonneau Covers

Extang Tonneau Covers come in so many models and colors you feel like you’re in an ice-cream store when you go to buy them. The soft tonneau truck cover product line from Extang includes folding tonneau covers, roll-up tonneau covers, tri-fold tonneau covers and hinged tonnos.

Extang Solid Fold Tonneau Cover

Extang has even introduced a hard lid, solid fold tonno made from aircraft grade aluminum. But, it doesn’t end there! Four (4) of their tonno models are available in 10 colors. Hence my ice cream store experience metaphor. So the hard part of making a decision about which Extang Tonneau Cover to buy is not knowing whether you’ll like the way the tonno will install, fit or look on your truck. OK, so you’re tired of me talking about Extang and all you want to see is a quick, efficient summary of the Extang Tonneau Covers product line. And here it is …

Extang Tonneau Covers Quick Info

Cover Type 1 : Hard Tonneau Covers, Hard Truck Bed Cover
Cover Type 2 : Soft Tonneau Covers, Soft Truck Bed Cover
Cover Type 3 : Folding Truck Bed Cover, Folding Tonneau Cover
Cover Type 4 : Hinged Truck Bed Cover, Hinged Tonneau Cover
Cover Type 5 : Roll-top, Roll-up, Snap-on, Custom Truck Bed Covers

Manufacturer : Extang Corporation
Cover Weight : approx 30 to 50 lbs depending on model
Approx Price : approx $300 to $800
Tonneau Cover Parts and Warranty : 800-877-2588

Common Features

(1) No drill, quick installation - about 30 minutes
(2) Work with bedliners with a few simple mods
(3) Unrestricted use of the tailgate
(4) Full use of truck bed
(5) Long beds use 4 support bows, short beds use 3
(6) Cleanup with mild soap, water and soft bristle brush
(7) Protect tarp with Tonno Tonic. No carwash wax!
(8) Extang Tonneau Covers are made in the USA
(9) Warranty

Tip: use universal absorbent mats to reduce moisture, dirt and mildew smells in the truck bed and cab areas.


- Ultra low profile
- Rollup type soft
  tonno cover
- Tarp made of high quality,
  weather resistant vinyl
- Bows rollup within tarp
- Innovative rollup design
  with no snaps & no velcro
- Spring loaded bows
  and latch springs for
  support and tensioning
- Double latching system
  at tailgate
- Comes in Black

Solid Fold
- Folding truck bed cover
- Hard truck bed cover
- Tri Fold tonneau
  cover design
- Made of aircraft
  grade aluminum
- Black textured painted
  finish for UV protection
- Weighs about 50 pounds
- Quick release clamps
  for fast removal of lid

Express Tonno
- Superfast install
  in minutes
- Rollup style tonneau
- Triple stitched commercial
  grade vinyl tarp
- Bows rollup within tarp
- Heavy duty anodized
  bows and rails
- Self adjusting tensioning system
- Quick release levers at tail and cab
- Uses industrial grade high peel strength
  velcro to seal
- Comes in black

- Past assembly with no tools required
- Tri Fold tonneau cover style
- Extra heavy duty hinges, clamps and bows
- Extang’s Weather Tuff seals keep out
  dirt and rain
- Choice of heavy duty commercial vinyl
  or new Signature Series vinyl
  backed black canvas tarps
- Lifetime Warranty on frame and tarp

Extang RT Tonno
- Fast install
- Roll top style
  tonneau cover
- Very low profile
- Premium commercial tarp
  with finished edges
- One person open
  and close
- Bows rollup within tarp
- Rolled tarp is secured by
  a heavy duty snap buckle
- Locking rear tail rail
  secures the truck bed
- Self adjusting tensioning
- Highest quality buckles,
  bows and rails
- Uses industrial grade
  high peel strength
  velcro to seal
- Lifetime warranty on
  frame and tarp

- Fast install and removal,
  weighs about 30 pounds
- Hinged, soft truck
  bed cover
- Monster bows adjustable
  for summer or winter
- Aluminum frame & vinyl
  tarp with parachute nylon
  reinforced corners
- Gas shocks to help tilt
  tonno cover up
- Heavy duty clamps, snaps
  and seals secure the tonno
  on the truck bed
- Centered handy pull strap to close the tonno
- Lifetime frame and 10 year tarp warranty
- Tarp is black vinyl or choose from 10 custom colors

Classic Platinum
- No drill, no tools, quick install
- Roll up tarp tonneau cover
- Premium metal components used in rails, snaps and bows
- Stainless steel and brass Tuff Snaps won’t break
- SpringLock bows adjustable for hot or cold weather
- Quick tail rail release for access to truck bed
- Quick access to front of truck bed
- Corners and edging reinforced
- Lifetime frame and 10 year tarp warranty
- Tarp is black vinyl or choose from 10 custom colors
- Velcro straps to hold tarp in rolled up position

Extang BlackMax
- No drill, no tools
- Quick install
- Roll up tarp tonno cover
- All Black Tonno Cover
- Vinyl cover and bows
  are black
- Compare features to
  Classic Platinum
- Lifetime frame and 10
  year tarp warranty
- Tarp is black vinyl or
  choose from 10
  custom colors

- No drill, no tools, fast install
- Black leather grain vinyl roll up tarp>
- Uses Extangs J45 Peel & Seal system to attach tarp to
  truck and a really smooth appearance
- Quick release rails for fast access to truck bed
- Monster bows are spring loaded and won’t fall off
- Storage straps to secure tonno in rolled up position
- Lifetime frame and 10 year tarp warranty
- Tarp is black vinyl or choose from 10 custom colors

ToolBox Tonno
- Extang Tonneau Covers specially engineered to fit your toolbox
- Extang RT fits most standard 20 inch toolboxes
- Extang Full Tilt fits most standard 20 inch toolboxes
- Extang Classic Platinum for standard 20 inch or custom
  cut for non-standard toolboxes

4 Extang Tonneau Covers Available with Ten Colors include Classic Platinum, Black Max, Tuff Tonno, Full Tilt

The following custom colors are available :

Tan, Brown, Green, Red, Black, Bright White, Silver, Gray, Navy and Black Carbon Fiber Texture

Extang Tonneau Covers Popular Applications
- Chevy Truck Bed Covers : C10, S10, S15, Canyon/Colorado,
- Dodge Truck Bed Covers : Dakota, Ram
- Ford Tonneau Covers : F-150, F-250, F-350, Ranger, Super Duty
- Isuzu Tonneau Covers : Hombre, I280, I350
- Lincoln Tonneau Covers : Lincoln Mark LT
- Mazda Tonneau Covers : Long Bed, Short Bed
- Mitsubishi Tonneau Covers : Raider
- Nissan Tonneau Covers : Frontier, Titan
- Suzuki Equator Tonno Covers
- Toyota Truck Bed Covers : Tacoma, Tundra, Short Bed/Double Cab

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