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Access Tonneau Covers

Access Tonneau Covers are made by Agri-Cover. Agri-Cover Inc. was born into this world as a manufacturer of grain truck covers circa 1981. The Company's factory is located in Jamestown, North Dakota. 

Tip : Use universal absorbent mat protectors to keep your mats and truck bed areas clean, dry and smelling better.

Access Limited Soft Tonneau Cover

Ten years after starting up, in 1991, Agri-Cover introduced the Access Roll-Up Cover for pickup trucks. Since then 6 additional models of soft roll-up truck bed covers have been introduced by the company.

Agri-Cover also manufactures truck bed mats, truck bed storage products, Truck bed LED light fixtures, snow plows and a comprehensive line of roll tarps for the big rigs. So when you deal with this company for tonnos you’re getting the industrial strength and quality from their semi-trailer truck tarp product blended with the aesthetically pleasing design of a roll-up tonneau cover. And they’ve been making the tonno for 20+ years!
Agri-Cover divides their Access Tonneau Cover product line into two parts. The “increased capacity” roll-up covers include the Original Access Tonno, the Limited Edition, the Toolbox compatible version and the LiteRider. As an alternative the “low profile” roll-up covers have many of the outstanding features of the increased capacity tonnos but with about an inch lower profile off the rails. The low profile tonnos include the TonnoSport, Vanish and Lorado. As a side note, the LiteRider, Lorado and Vanish tonnos all functionally work the same, even though the LiteRider isn’t a low profile tonneau cover.

Quick Info for Access Tonneau Covers

Cover Type 1 : Roll-up Tonneau Cover, Roll Up Truck Bed Covers
Cover Type 2 : Roll Top Truck Bed Cover, Soft Tonneau Cover
Cover Type 3 : Soft Truck Bed Cover, Custom Truck Bed Covers
Cover Type 4 : Increased Capacity Roll-up Covers
Cover Type 5 : Low Profile Roll-up Covers

Manufacturer : Agri-Cover, Inc.
Cover Weight :
Approx Price : $400 to $600+
Tonneau Cover Parts and Warranty : 866-414-5422

Common features found on all or most of the Agri-Cover Access Tonneau Covers include :

(1) Black Rails and Bars. Silver or black bows
(2) Reinforced polyester mesh tarp coated with UV resist vinyl
(3) Vinyl is flexible down to minus 40 degrees
(4) No tools required to adjust tarp tension
(5) Front header seals
(6) Velcro tarp sealing system entire length of truck bed
(7) Heavy duty clamps(6-8 clamps) for quick installation
(8) Locking system works with tailgate
(9) Storage straps secure tonno when rolled up
(10) Increase gas mileage
(11) Comes only in black
(12) Normal use of tailgate
(13) Works with most truck bed accessories
(14) Custom made and sized to fit your vehicle
(15) All aluminum frame design

LiteRider Tonneau Cover
- increased capacity roll-up cover
- several component changes for affordability
- 5 year warranty

Original Access Tonneau Cover
- increased capacity roll-up cover
- autolatch with additional slide lock for security
- warranty for life of truck
- new cab guard design

Access Toolbox Tonneau Cover
- increased capacity roll-up cover
- fits most 19 to 21 inch over the rail toolboxes
- front header bar seals tonno and toolbox
- autolatch with additional slide lock for security
- warranty for life of truck

Access Limited Tonneau Cover
- increased capacity roll-up cover
- includes trail seal tailgate gasket
- premium cover warranty for life of truck
- D-rings on clamps may be used for cargo ties
- autolatching dual locks
- black anodized aluminum rails, bars and bows
- EZ Retriever cargo reaching tool
- AA Battery LED light
- Tie down rings
- 2 oz of CoverCare Cleaner

 Access TonnoSport
- bolt-in tension control requires tools
- low profile roll-up cover design
- trigger latch with two slide locks for security
- lowest priced cover from Access
- 3 year warranty

Access Vanish Tonneau Cover
- low profile roll-up cover design
- trigger latch with two slide locks for security
- 3 year warranty

Access Lorado Tonneau Cover
- low profile roll-up cover design
- double coated vinyl tarp -40 to +110 degrees
- rip stop tarp prevent tarp tears getting bigger
- seals on 4 corners to protect against weather
- sleek tapered side seals
- autolatch with additional slide lock for security
- warranty for life of truck

access tonneau cover toolbox and header seals the work area on your pickup

Popular Applications
Access Truck Bed &
Tonneau Covers
- Chevy Trucks
- Dodge RAM Pickups
- Dodge Trucks
- Ford F-150
- Ford Sports Trac
- Ford Ranger
- Ford Trucks
- GMC Trucks
- Nissan Frontier
- Toyota Tacoma
- Toyota Tundra
- Toyota Trucks
- Mazda, Mitsubishi,
  Isuzu, Suzuki Pickups

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